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Think about a Maine Coon! An adorable, family-friendly, and playful pet with an enormous physique. Like their aesthetics, Maine Coons symbolize the color game with over 80 colors and patterns recognized by World Felinology Organization (WFO) and The International Cat Association (TICA). So, it's finally a question: how will you pick the perfect color? You may be curious to explore all the Maine Coon colors, but it could be a long run when you have 80+ variations. Let's filter out the most popular and stunning ones! Here's an exclusive guide leading you to 10 famous color options in this loveable feline companion. Before we start with color options, travel over to the Maine Coon patterns for better categorization.

Maine Coon Patterns You Would Love to Know About

Solid Color Maine Coons

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While cat lovers admire the scales of Maine Coon, solid colors have a separate fanbase. Solid colors in cats imply a specific and uniform color throughout the entire body. Though most Maine Coons with solid-colored coats have pink paws, black cats also feature black paw pads and noses.

In some cases, adopters confuse smoke patterns with solids because of Maine Coon's long hair that hides the inner coat. Remember that cats with smoke patterns have white inner coats, while solids are uniform.

Tabby Maine Coons

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The tabby pattern is typical but one of the most popular patterns found in Maine Coon cats. Tabbies have diverse complexity based on spots, stripes, and whirls throughout the cat's body. Interestingly, an “M” mark on tabbies further classifies them into two subcategories. Read More about Tabby Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Classic Tabby Maine Coons

Classic tabbies proudly have an “M” imprint on their forehead with broad swirls across the entire body. Besides this, you may notice stunning vertical lines running from the back of their heads to the shoulders.

Mackerel Tabby Maine Coons

Have you seen a mackerel fish? If so, you may imagine the vertical lines moving from the spine to the belly. The mackerel tabbies have similar patterns, but the marks are dense, wrapped entirely around the neck, legs, and tail. The “M” mark is noticeable on the foreheads and patterns around the neck.

Smoke Shades Maine Coons

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Well, we already gave you a quick intro about the smoke pattern of Maine Coons, but there's more. You can simply recognize this pattern as a dual-tone version of solid Maine Coon cats. While the outer coat features a solid color, the roots or inner skin is diluted and appears lighter.

Not only does the lighter undercoat distinguish the cat, but it also gives it a smoky and ethereal appearance. You can choose from exciting smoky colors such as Blue Smoke, Black Smoke, and Cream Smoke based on your preferences. Read More about Smoke Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Tortoiseshell Maine Coons

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Here comes the most charming color patterns available in Maine Coon cats. The tortoiseshell pattern features an incredible blend of colors, offering a randomness to the overall appearance. In most cases, Tortoiseshell Maine Coon is dark (generally black) with cream and red patches.

Genetically, cats with two X chromosomes can have the tortoiseshell. As only females have this complexion, it's pretty rare to see a male tortoiseshell Maine Coon cat. Even if you find one, it will be sterile. Read More about Tortoiseshell Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Bicolor Maine Coons

White can make a beautiful contrast with any color, regardless of the shade. Maine Coon cats are no exception! Bicolor Maine Coons offer a combination of a dark color with white distributed on their lower body.

They are not less than a gentleman in a tuxedo! Just like our apparel, the contrasting colors give a striking appearance to the cats and embellish their personality. You have choices in color combinations such as Black and White, Blue and White, and Brown and white.

Shaded Maine Coons

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In Maine Coons, shaded colors are like an artwork or paint job on a solid color. Shaded Maine Coon cats have a single solid color but feature multiple patches on the coat. For instance, most cats have a lighter color on their chests with a burst of color on their back.

The twist in the color palette looks beautiful, while distinct shading elevates the grace of their fur. Whether it's a party or picnic, a Maine Coon with this masterful combination will be the talk of the town. If we look around the color options, you have shaded silver, shaded blue silver, and shaded tortoiseshell to choose from.

10 Beautiful Maine Coon Colors that Match Your Vibe

White Maine Coons

Maine Coon Kittens

Whether it's furniture or clothing, white manifests luxury and premium resemblance. The same happens in the case of White Maine Coon cats. While this extraordinary specimen is rare, nothing looks more beautiful than a Maine Coon in solid white.

The cherry on the cake is their heavenly light pink tufts, nose, and paw pads, making them turn heads wherever they go. Another exception for a white Maine Coon is they have a high probability of getting blue eyes even though it's not a blue-eyed breed. However, only 5% of cats have a solid white color, and it becomes rarer when it comes to Maine Coon. Read More about White Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Silver Maine Coons

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The silver coat in Maine Coons tails the white in rarity and incredible appearance. Silver Maine Coons have a gorgeous glossy gray coat with a metallic hue. You may also notice a few gold or yellow hints elevating its charm.

One thing you must know is that it's not a usual gray cat; instead, silver Maine Coons akin a smokey and luxurious appeal making it stand out from the queue. Unlike cats with white coats, silver ones have yellow or golden eyes contrasting with their coat. Read More about Silver Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Red/Orange Maine Coons

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“Everything becomes beautiful when it's in a red shade.” When it comes to Maine Coons, the red color doesn't mean the red you see in LED lights or blood. Instead, red Maine Coons are more likely to have an orange coat with a ginger hue, and this complexion suits them.

If we explore the other elements, Maine Coons with red coats usually have bright golden eyes and pink nose. Despite their beautiful color, it's sporadic to find a Maine Coon cat in red color, especially if you're looking for a female.

As discussed above, it's a game of genes. You may never see a female red Maine Coon in your lifetime because more than 90% of them are male. Of course, the credit goes to their genetic anomaly! Read More about Orange Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Cream Maine Coons

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Enough with rare colors? Let's take a break and look at the most popular yet common color in Maine Coons. It's a close substitute for white color but has a blend with light brownish shade. Whether you want a tabby or solid-colored cat, cream color is available in almost all the Maine Coon patterns.

Furthermore, you have multiple options in eye colors combined with their beautifully pink noses and paw pads. The combination looks the best on the famous Cream Cameo Tabby Maine Coon, featuring silver and blue shades throughout the body. Read More about Cream Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Brown Maine Coons

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If we explore Maine Coon colors and patterns, the brown count is a worthy inclusion. Despite being the most common colors for this breed, brown Maine Coons look equally beautiful to rare species.

The brown coat in Maine Coon Cats is available in solid and with patterns. For instance, the Brown Smoke variant looks brilliant as it combines the patterned brown coat with a white chest. It looks like a handsome cat in a brown tuxedo! Read More about Brown Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Blue Maine Coons

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The blue color is a symbol of trust, loyalty, intelligence, and confidence. Well, that's everything you would want in your Maine Coon. At first glance, the blue Maine Coons look graying because of their blue-gray sheen. But their thick coats burst the shades of blue highlights!

The blue Maine Coons are usually available in a solid pattern, but you can also find the Blue Smoke shade with a white chest. Surprisingly, even their ears, nose, and paw pads are the same grayish-blue color, making it look stunning every time you see it.

The Maine Coons with blue coats are further divided into some popular categories, including Russian Blues, British Shorthairs, and Chartreuses. Read More about Blue Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Maine Coons with Blue-Gray Coat

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While the blue Maine Coons have some grayish imprints, the Blue-Gray color implies more shining silver contrasted with the Blue. You can identify Blue-Gray Maine Coons from their faded gray coat and distinguished gray or black ears.

Furthermore, you may choose the patterns as they are available in solid, tabby, and tortie. This color is not as rare as the cats with red coats but not as common as the Brown Maine Coons. Read More about Gray Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Black and White (Tuxedo) Maine Coons

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The black and white color combination, often considered Tuxedo Pattern, is one of the most beloved bi-color in the Maine Coons. As discussed earlier, the cats with black and white bi-color patterns have solid black fur on the top, while their lower half features a white shade.

Like white Maine Coons, black and white Maine Coons can also have blue eyes, which is rare in the breed. But the good news is this color is not rare itself, and you can easily find a beautifully dual-tone feline companion for your home. Read More about Black and White (Tuxedo) Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Black Maine Coons

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Black reflects brilliance wherever it's standalone, whether you talk about cars or clothes. If you're one of the black lovers, the giant black Maine Coon cat will surely win your heart. As the name describes, they have a black colored coat available in solid, smoke, and tortoiseshell patterns.

It's just the beginning! Black Maine Coon cats possess an incredible intensity of black color in their complexion. Not only is their coat black, but you will also adore their dark black nose, lips, ears, and paws. The breed also comes in Black Smoke featuring a slightly faded undercoat and looks really gorgeous. Read More about Black Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Hybrid/Mixed Maine Coon Colors

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Being a cat breed, Maine Coon cats also experience hybridization performed to achieve rare colors and patterns. Hybridization includes breeding Maine Coons using the genetics of different species resulting in a specific color combination and aesthetics.

For instance, some Maine Coon colors and patterns, such as true orange and white, are scarce to produce. That's because at least one mate must be white to achieve a white coat in Maine Coons. So, breeders use hybridization to make this process easier and get the expected results.

You can also take rare Maine Coon colors and patterns such as Red Smoke, Cream Cameo, and Calico as the perfect examples. In addition to colors, hybrid cats can also get rare shades of eyes, making them worthwhile. Read More about Calico Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Maine Coon Eye Color Considerations

As we uncover the color game of Maine Coons, we cannot miss an essential component of their charm. The eyes of a cat, whether it's Maine Coon or Persian, are the center of attraction for everyone. Like colors and patterns, Maine Coons can have various shades of eyes depending on the species.

The breed usually has beautiful green, gold, and green-gold hues. But some rare species, such as white Maine Coons may have stunning blue eyes. By the same token, some cats are also found with odd-eyes.

Just think about it! How beautiful is it to have a gentle giant with one eye in Blue and another in a contrasting color? Yes, you got that! However, it happens because of heterochromia, which is not generally harmful to cats.

The Bottom Line on Maine Coon Colors and Patterns

Maine Coon Kittens

In summary, Maine Coon cats are not only cherished for their endearing personalities and impressive stature but also for their incredible range of coat colors and patterns. These feline companions serve as living canvases, each possessing a distinct genetic makeup resulting in a truly unique appearance.

Whether you're a devoted Maine Coon enthusiast or simply an admirer of these gentle giants, the captivating world of Maine Coon colors and patterns never ceases to captivate. As we celebrate the breathtaking variations within the Maine Coon breed, it reminds us of the intricacies of genetic inheritance and the beauty of individuality in the animal kingdom.

So, the next time you encounter a Maine Coon, take a moment to marvel at the wonder of nature's artistry and the uniqueness of each of these remarkable felines.