Purebred Maine Coon Kittens for sale

Gorgeous 100% European bloodline Purebred Maine Coon Kittens for sale are available today from a TICA Outstanding Cattery. Step into our world of cuddles, playfulness, and companionship.

Adele & Benjamin's LitterLitter born on:  February 27, 2024
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Adele & Benjamin's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Harrison Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Emily & Manchester Lynx's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Noah Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
William Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Esenia & Jeep's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Liam Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Britney Availablefemale
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Laki Star & Cosmo's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Tyler Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Oscar Availablemale
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Daisy & Manchester Lynx's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Travis Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Richard Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Caleb Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Brendan Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Neil Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Adopt with peace of mind

Assigned Kitten International Delivery Concierge

Our team handles white glove delivery services from Our Home to Your Home, crossing international borders and handling all logistics with US Customs and Border Protection, airlines and ground transporters.

Certified TICA Outstanding Cattery & WFO Accredited

Each Kitten is inspected by an official judge of our World Felinology Organization local member club, and issued an Official Pedigree documenting bloodline. Learn more about our credentials

Up to Date Full Vaccination

All core kitten vaccination rounds are complete, including rabies vaccine, and on time by our expert veterinary partners.

10 Year Health Warranty

World Class Confidence, Health Testing, and Veterinary Protocols in our Breeding Program allows us to provide an unmatched 10 Year Limited Health Guarantee** included with every kitten adoption

Healthy Parents = Healthy Kittens

Our expert veterinary partners provide our European Maine Coon Cattery with an ongoing regiment of health monitoring and testing for our adult Maine Coon Queens & Sires as well as our Maine Coon Kittens.


ISO compliant international microchip, implanted by our expert veterinary partners. Allows your kitten to travel with you internationally and remain identifiable in case of separation.

Home Raised and Socialization Program

Our kittens are raised at home from Day 1, receiving healthy doses of socialization and comfort with humans for a successful future adoption

Neutered/Spayed Castration

All our adoptions are strictly for companionship, we do not permit adopters to breed our kittens unless specifically approved. Our expert veterinary partners handle the neuter/spay castration procedure, saving the hassle for the new Maine Coon Kitten parent!

Our adoption process

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Maine Coon Cat Kittens For Sale — Adopting a Maine Coon is a Bliss!

Maine Coon Kittens

Choose Your Maine Coon Kitten for Sale

MasterCoons Cattery is WFO-Accredited and Certified TICA Outstanding Cattery with an exclusive range of Maine Coon kittens At MaineCoonKittens.com, we update our gallery regularly with the Maine Coon cat kittens for sale. Whether you want a solid-colored kitten or a tabby, you have excellent choices at MasterCoons Cattery.

Explore them all and choose an adorable Maine Coon kitten that wins your heart at first glance. Each Maine Coon kitten, sire, and queen has an extensive profile you can access from our gallery above to learn more about the personality and health history of our Maine Coon Kittens.

Background Check

Being experienced Maine Coon breeders, we understand multiple health concerns associated with the breed. We have your back with comprehensive health screening and genetic testing of our Maine Coon bloodline. Go through our health reports and documents and ensure your future feline companion is healthy and purebred.

Become a Pre-Approved Maine Coon Kitten Guardian

Once you have chosen your Maine Coon kitten and verified his/her background, it's time to complete your adoption application. We will review your application following the World Felinology Organization (WFO), The International Cat Association (TICA) and humane care standards to give our Maine Coon Cattery peace of mind our kitten is going to a great home. At any time, you can request a free live video call with your desired Maine Coon kitten.

Finalize your Maine Coon Kitten Adoption

Once you have fallen in love with your kitten and had all your questions answered from the live video call, you are ready for the last stage of adopting one of our European Maine Coon kittens available. You will be electronically sent via email your kitten adoption and guarantees contract. The contract will specify all the terms, conditions, and guarantees our cattery provides, as well as pricing details and payment instructions. After you sign the agreement and submit payment to our cattery, we will also sign the agreement and confirm with you that your adoption is finalized.

We generally release our kittens at 16-18 weeks old to comfortably adapt to your surroundings and be safe and robust during international travel from our cattery to your home. Furthermore, our veterinary team requires the kitten to complete all required vaccinations and dewormings and fully recover from the castration surgery procedure before international travels. The kitten's vaccines have age restrictions regarding what round can be given at what age. This is why when you acquire a kitten younger than 16-18 weeks, there will still be rounds of vaccinations that you, as the client, will be responsible for. For the Maine Coon kitten's safety, we cannot send a kitten for international traveling that has not had all required vaccinations fully completed.

Get the White Glove Delivery

Can't wait to have your furry Maine Coon Kitten running across the house? Your assigned white glove Maine Coon kitten delivery concierge will handle all the details of your kitten's international travel arrangements. This includes transportation from our cattery in Eastern Europe and all international flight arrangements for the kitten to arrive through an international United States entry point. Furthermore, your concierge will work with a USA customs broker for your kitten to clear US customs and remit all necessary payments to the airline and customs office. Finally, the concierge will coordinate with a USA kitten transportation courier (USDA registered and accredited pet transporter) to represent you as the US consignee and bring your kitten from the international United States entry point to wherever you selected as the final delivery destination per the Adoption Contract. You will get notifications at every delivery stage until your kitten arrives at your location!

European Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

Experience the majesty of European Maine Coon Kittens for Sale today! Take the chance to bring home your perfect feline companion. Adopt now and embark on a journey filled with love, playfulness, and unparalleled charm. Your new family member is waiting, so click below to make them yours!

Learn more about Our Maine Coon Kitten Available

Maine Coon Kittens

What do Maine Coon Kittens Look Like?

Maine Coon Kittens are easily identifiable from their unique appearance and adorable personality traits. Expect medium-long yet thick fur with the color and pattern you reserved. Kittens may not be significantly large at an early age, but they're affectionate and sociable.

The Maine Coon Kittens feature a well-proportioned rectangle body and squarish muzzle. Furthermore, you can also notice large ears with lynx-like ear tufts and large paws in your Maine Coon cat kitten.

How Can I Tell if My Kitten is a Maine Coon?

From ears to behavior, you have a glut of telltales determining the originality of your kitten's breed. The "M" is a perfect badge symbolizing the pure Maine Coon kittens. Check the forehead of your kitten and look for a distinctive "M" imprint.

The location and visibility of the "M" marking may differ depending on the colors and patterns. Additionally, their bushy tails also represent the Maine Coon bloodline.

Can I Buy Maine Coon Kittens for Sale?

Yes, you can buy one of our majestic Maine Coon cat kittens for sale. It's critical, before choosing where to buy a Maine Coon Kitten, to learn more about the cattery and its breeding program. If you want a safe and legitimate adoption, consult a registered and certified Maine Coon kitten breeder.

MasterCoons Cattery sets an example with a documented ethical and secure process and WFO-registered breeding program. We have a wide variety of Maine Coon kittens available for you, all conforming to the highest standards.

Are Maine Coon Kittens Hypoallergenic?

No, the Maine Coon breed is not hypoallergenic and indicates a negligible level of allergens. A physically healthy person will not experience allergies from the kitten at home. However, the fact becomes exceptional if your family or household members already have cat allergies.

That's because Maine Coons have large fur and record a medium level of shading. While it may affect the comfort of an allergic person, Maine Coons are adorable and safe for others. It is critical for prospective clients to consult with his/her healthcare provider to determine how to test for allergies to cats before going through a Maine Coon kitten adoption process.

How Much are Maine Coon Kittens for Sale?

All our Maine Coon kittens for sale have adoption fees tailored to each kitten depending on the rarity of the coat, markings, and appearance of the kitten. Once you are pre-approved to adopt one of our kittens, you will receive a detailed written, electronic quote itemizing the adoption fee for the kitten and additional fees involving transportation and preparing the kittens for transportation. This can be accessed by selecting the Adopt button at the top of the kitten's profile page.

Do Maine Coon Kittens Like Baths?

Have you ever watched Justice League? It may humor you that your Maine Coon is a born "Aquaman." Yes, you got that right! Maine Coon kittens have natural affection for water and love the bathing sessions. In addition, the cats of this breed are great in water sports and even dip their food in the water sometimes. That's because of their oily coats, allowing them to repel the water and enjoy water splashes.