Blue Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

If you remember the Tom of Tom and Jerry, your childhood was awesome! The grayish-blue coat of Tom isn't fictional, as we have Blue Maine Coon cats in real. Not to mention, they are also expert mousers replicating our favorite Tom, who never stopped the hunt for Jerry.

Let's get back to the reality! Blue Maine Coons are famous for their unique shade that compliments their massive physique and heart-warming personality. Whether you want a Solid or Tabby Blue Coon, you can quickly adopt them from Blue Maine Coon Kittens for sale.

Don't you wonder how a cat can be blue? Are they really blue, or is there an illusion of nature? Here's the right place for everyone with these questions! Begin your journey with Blue Coon's genetics, and you have an ultimate trivia to explore.

How We Achieve a Purebred Blue Maine Coon Kitten?

Yes, Blue Maine Coons exist, and the mystery behind their unique color is the interesting genetics. They feature diluted genes that extract the color from the black pigment, making it lighter and inconsistent.

Henceforth, you will experience the majestic blue shade with light black, white, and blue markings. Most people may consider them Gray Coons, but World Feline Association only lists Blue as a Maine Coon color.

Achieving a Blue Coon takes two diluted parents with Eulemanin pigment that results in the black shade. Although blue shade in Maine Coons is rare, the new breeding techniques ease the availability of kittens for adoption.

Blue Maine Coon Characteristics

Maine Coon Kittens


The Blue in Maine Coons doesn't mean usual shades of blue like navy blue, sky blue or royal Blue. Instead, it's a grayish shade with blue tingles and deep blue aesthetics reflecting a grayish-blue hue throughout the coat.

You won't be wrong if you call Blue Maine Coons gray because both are the same. Interestingly, the color is not uniform, and you will notice markings even if you have a Solid Blue Coon. The markings become more identical in tabbies and tortie Blue Maine Coons.


The influence of diluted genes leads to a unique phenomenon. Unlike most Coons, Blue Maine Coons can have dark blue eyes when they take birth but get back to the authentic shades. You can expect a fully-grown Blue Maine Coon to have green, copper, or amber eyes.

Regardless of the color, the almond-shaped eyes of Maine Coons are always outstanding and look perfect with their gigantic size. The Maine Coons have more enormous eyes when compared to other breeds and get the benefit of better visibility even at night.


When it comes to Maine Coon teeth, rarity, color, genetics or pattern doesn't matter. That's because all Maine Coons share precisely the same set of teeth which are masterpieces in themselves. While the newborn kittens don't have any teeth, a Blue Coon kitten can have 26 baby teeth as it grows.

After 15-16 weeks, the cat develops its jaw and has 30 permanent teeth. The Maine Coons thrive on animal diet and have sharp and well-aligned teeth to serve the purpose. Just prevent them from dental issues with proper care and make them eat happily.


We all know most Maine Coons have white whiskers, whereas the Black Coons possess darker hairs. As Blue Coons have diluted genes of Black Coons, they feature a combination of partially black and white whiskers.

Even if we ignore the color of whiskers, Maine Coons are famous for their massive facial hairs. Their whiskers can grow up to 6 inches and are up to 16 in number, while other breeds only have 4-8 whiskers on each side.

Nose and Paws

That's where Blue Maine Coon kittens get special! The Blue Coons can have various shades on their nose and paws depending on the color pattern. If you look around a Black-Blue Coon, you will experience the classy black nose leather and paw pads.

This color is also available in a bi-color pattern and the presence of white leads to pink nose leather and paws. However, the game changes as Solid Blue Coons lead the league with their unique blue aesthetics.


Like nose and paw pads, the ears of Blue Maine Coons also vary according to the color patterns. They can have a light shade of pink, gray, brick, red, and black, contrasting the pattern you choose.

Besides the color, Blue Coons possess signature lynx-like ears with numerous threads and beautiful tips. The only concern is Maine Coons are prone to harbor bacteria in ears and require regular cleaning with non-irritating otic cleaners.

Color Patterns Available in Blue Maine Coon for sale

Solid Blue Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

Solid Blue Maine Coons are the ever-lasting talk of the town and are known for their stunning coat. Despite being solid Coons, their color is slightly inconsistent and features dark markings throughout the body.

You experience an ultimate blend of gray and blue where the Blue tingles overlap the grayish coat. Thanks to those overlaying blue markings, WFO has listed these cats as Blue Maine Coons instead of Gray Coons.

Blue and White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

Here comes our beloved Tom from the Cartoon Network! Just like the character, Blue and White Maine Coons are bi-color cats with Blue on the top and white shade on the bottom. In some cats, White is available on the chest, tummy, paws, and even on the face.

Not only do white genes impact the coat color, but they also lead to a unique pink shade on nose leather and paw pads. The genetics may give them rare Blue eyes but with a probability of deafness like White Maine Coons.

Black and Blue Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

Nothing looks more beautiful than the mixture of grayish Blue and deep Black. Black and Blue Maine Coons set the perfect example with their combination of two majestic colors. Please don't confuse them as bi-color cats, as they have a blend of two colors instead of a dual-tone finish.

You will see the Blue coat at the base with markings and black patches throughout the body. Along with that, Black-Blue Coons can have a black face with dark aesthetics and a signature blue coat. It happens because of inconsistencies in dilute genes that preserve the parent black color on various body parts.

Blue Tabby Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

Blue Tabby Maine Coons are among the most famous cats in the feline family. The reason is their interesting "M" imprint on the forehead and gorgeous markings. You will surely admire the black, brown, and red tabby markings over the signature blue coat.

It's a vast color pattern available in Classic, Mackerel, and Ticked tabby markings with specific aesthetics. For instance, Mackerel tabbies have thin stripes like the Mackerel fish, while the Classic tabbies are famous for their dark strips and markings.

Blue-Cream Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

In our list of exciting Blue Coon patterns, the parti-color class starts with Blue-Cream Maine Coon kittens. The cat emphasizes Blue as its primary color, garnished with patches of cream and white throughout the body.

Like all the parti-color cats, the patches are inconsistent and offer a variety to cat lovers during the adoption. The combination of blue and cream also comes in blue tortoiseshell cats with darker faces and aesthetics.

Blue Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

No matter what comes around, the smoke shade has a separate fan base in the Maine Coon breed. Blue Smoke Maine Coons continue the legacy with an incredible Blue shade over the pale silver undercoat. The light-colored shafts combine perfectly with dark gray fur and generate beautiful shades of Blue throughout the coat.

Guess what? Blue Smoke Coons are the rarest and most expensive cats in this color range and require particular genetics. Maine Coon breeders seek a complex gene structure with non-agouti, wideband, and silver alleles to achieve a Blue Smoke Maine Coon cat.

Chinchilla Blue Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

Chinchilla Maine Coons ends our list of patterns with style! With a pure white undercoat, Chinchilla Blue Silver Coons are famous for their numerous color patches and silver touchup. They have a unique presence of Blue on the tips of their back, sides, head, and tail, making them look like they are sparkling in Blue.

Furthermore, the white shade rules at its bib, legs, whiskers, chin, and even highlights around the eyes. The ears may feature a baby pink color, but Chinchilla Blue Coons have deep blue nose leather and paw pads.

Myths and Legends About Blue Maine Coon Cats and Kittens

#1 Blue Maine Coons Are Not Exactly Blue!

Whenever we see the Blue Coons, they look more Gray than Blue. Have you ever wondered why WFO considered it Blue? Undoubtedly, the cats have a Gray coat, but the color falls under a blue hue in the color gamut.

You can also notice blue tingles or markings throughout the coat, replicating the color on their aesthetics. While they look gray and have a gray coat, Blue Coons have more elements of blue shade and are officially considered Blue Maine Coon cats. So, even if you call them gray, you're not wrong. Just take it as your favorite color!

#2 Blue Maine Coons and the Diluted Genes!

As discussed above, diluted genes are the reason behind the grayish-blue color of Blue Coons. But it's not just about the colors; it impacts almost everything. Whether you look around the whiskers or eyes, these genes influence most parts of the cat's body.

For instance, Blue Coons get light-colored ears and have partially black whiskers. The credit goes to the diluted genes. Despite so many intrusions, these genes gave a well-deserved unique, and magnificent look to the Blue Maine Coon cats.

#3 Blue Maine Coons are Black Imposters!

The Blue Coons are the result of the dilution process of the recessive genes. Meanwhile, the color is Black, which just lightened using the diluted genes. Even though black pigments still show their presence in Black-Blue Coons with black patches on the face, nose, and paw pads.

The Maine Coon breeders involve both parents with recessive dilute genes to reduce the impact of Black and achieve the signature blue coat.

Are Blue Maine Coon Cats Rare?

The rarity and availability of Blue Maine Coons depend on their color pattern. The Solid Blue Coon is not really rare, and you can easily find one at an affordable price. Also, you can consider it as rare as Black, Red, and White Maine Coons for a better idea.

If we look around Blue Smoke and Chinchilla Blue Coons, they need a specific set of genes and are rarer than other cats. A Blue Smoke Coon requires a complex gene structure with non-agouti, wideband, and silver alleles making it difficult to breed.

Fortunately, Maine Coon breeders like MasterCoons Cattery involve in TICA and WFO-registered breeding processes and make all the patterns available for you. Consult a registered Maine Coon breeder and get ready to adopt one of the purebred Blue Maine Kittens for Sale.

Blue Maine Coon Kittens Price

As rarity determines the price of cats, rare patterns are costlier than the common Blue Coons. You can again take the example of Blue Smoke Coons, as they are among the most expensive blue cats in the breed.

Whatever you choose, Blue Coons are moderately priced and won't break your bank. We recommend focusing on the authenticity and adopt a purebred Coon cat. With the heartiest personality, purebred Coons become excellent pets and show their affection at every step.

The Bottom Line on Blue Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

The universe of Blue Maine Coon kittens and cats unfolds a mesmerizing saga of genetic wonders. Each feline harbors its magnetic charm, from the regal Solid Blue to the captivating patterns.

The enigma of their "blue" hue traces back to diluted genes, weaving a tapestry of grayish-blue splendor. Dispelling misconceptions, Blue Maine Coons aren't black imposters but rather a product of a dilution process on recessive genes.

The allure of Blue Maine Coon kittens lies not just in their aesthetics but in the rich tapestry of their genetics, personalities, and the joy they bring. Consult a reputed Maine Coon breeder and bring your feline companion home!

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