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White Maine Coon Kittens — not just a color but also a symbol of peace and luxury! It becomes the cherry on the cake when you have this majestic shade on incredible blue-eyed White Maine Coons Cats. As Maine Coons are famous for their humble personality, the peaceful white suits them the most.

Fortunately, MasterCoons Cattery offers White Maine Coon kittens for sale despite their rarity and complex genetics. That means you can easily bring a snow-white feline companion home and add an essence of luxury.

Whether it's appearance or genetics, White Maine Coons stand out from the feline family in every aspect. Let's not let you wait too long! Explore what makes a White Maine Coon cat your perfect new fur baby.

How We Achieve a Purebred White Maine Coon Kitten?

In most Maine Coons, we notice genes producing specific colors and patterns. It may surprise you that White Maine Coons have a masking gene that acts like a color blocker. Therefore, solid white Coons don't display any other colors and achieve their signature white coat.

If we talk about the parents, at least one parent, Sire or Queen, must be a solid or all-white Maine Coon. White is a dominating color transmitting itself from generation to generation, making it a stable bloodline.

Not to mention, White Maine Coon kittens may have tiny markings on their head because of masked coloring. But the markings disappear independently after a few months as the kitten grows.

White Maine Coon Characteristics


As the name describes, White Maine Coons have a beautiful snow-white coat. Although it may differ according to patterns, a solid White Maine Coon has a uniform color with no lines or markings.

Like everything in White, adopters of White Maine Coons generally worry about the dirt-catching coat. Thanks to the oily fur coat found in the Maine Coon breed, it repels dirt, water, and debris, keeping the cat clean. Furthermore, Maine Coons love bathing and swimming, so it's nothing to worry about their dirty coat.


According to World Felinology Organization (WFO), Maine Coons don't fall under the blue-eyed cat species. But White Coon stands out of the queue with probable blue eyes and odd eyes. In fact, the primary eye color of White Coons is green, gold, and copper.

The blue eyes occur because of the pigmentation in their iris and their dominating W gene. Unfortunately, breeders have discovered that 40% of White cats with blue eyes are deaf. You can conduct a Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response (BAER) test on your cat to determine its hearing capabilities.


White Maine Coon kittens get the same teeth as all other cats in the family. While newborns don't have any teeth, you will notice the growth in teeth after 2-3 weeks. At the initial stage, a Maine Coon kitten may develop up to 26 teeth when they get six weeks old.

A fully grown big White Maine Coon cat possesses a beautiful mouth with 30 permanent teeth aligned according to their eating habits. It takes six months for a Maine Coon to get the entire jaw of teeth, and it can last a lifetime with proper tooth care.


Maine Coons are famous for their numerous and significant whispers in the feline tribe. With beautifully white whiskers, White Maine Coons also join the legacy. They pridefully have 16 whiskers, higher than any cat breed worldwide.

However, Maine Coon cat's whiskers are highly sensitive, and we recommend not trimming them. Not only it's painful, but it can also cause injuries to your beautiful fur baby.

Nose and Paws

Unlike whiskers, White Maine Coons merely share their pink nose and paw pads with other colored cats. Whether it's a Solid Maine Coon or a bi-color, you will love their beautifully pink nose leathers and paw pads.

Some White Maine Coon cats may get a pale pink shade, making them look anemic, but they don't have any health problems.


Maine Coon's lynx-like large ears with massive tufts sprouting from the inside need no explanation. The large signature ears displaying a light baby pink hue match up with their nose and offer a contrasting appeal with their coat.

Despite the beautiful ears, White Maine Coons are prone to Congenital Deafness because of pigmentation and may be fully or partially deaf.

Color Patterns Available in White Maine Coon for sale

Solid White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

A solid white Maine Coon is an all-white Maine Coon cat having a uniform white color all around the body. While White is a color in the gamut, WFO doesn't consider it the primary hue in White Maine Coons.

That's because the White shade comes from a masking gene that prevents the appearance of other colors. Unlike different shades of white, solid Maine Coon kittens are highly rare and have a population of less than 1.5% in the whole family.

Orange and White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Besides solid color, White Maine Coon's bi-color category has a separate division and unique fanbase. It's like a dual-tone sports car with a white body and a contrasting orange roof! It means an Orange and White Maine Coon kitten has a deep orange, red, or ginger coat on the top while the bottom is solid white.

As it's a white cat, you may expect a pink nose, ears, and paw pads, but this pattern features a brick-red hue instead. Another distinguishing aesthetic is its orange chin that looks like a faded beard, giving the cat a unique appeal.

Black and White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

The Black and White — an ultimate contrast that adds luxurious visual appeal to everything. Maine Coons are no exception! Black and White Maine Coons are among the most popular bi-color cats known for their beautiful aesthetics.

Like every bi-color cat, this pattern also represents a solid black coat on the top and a white bottom. The White here is a dynamic color that can spread differently. For instance, some Maine Coons have white faces, while in others, the white start from the bottom of their nose and get black nose leather.

Gray and White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Here comes another beautiful bi-colored Maine Coon Kitten! Gray and White Maine kittens uniquely combine gray and white fur. Unlike most bi-color Maine Coons, this pattern features a white bottom with gray markings and a solid gray top.

In most cases, you may see white fur on their paws, bib, and belly, but it can differ depending on the genetics. The excellent news is Gray and White Maine Coons maintain their signature pink nose, ears, and paw pads appealing on their gorgeous dual-tone fur.

Cameo Smoke and White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

A Maine Coon with a light shade inner coat ending with deep orange is a Cameo Smoke or Red/Orange Smoke Maine Coon. By the same token, Cameo Smoke and White Maine Coons have an orange smoke hue on the top contrasted with a snow-white bottom.

Both Cameo Smoke and White are light shades and create a mixed contrast, offering a gorgeous appeal to cats. As this pattern falls under the Orange shade, these cats may have the signature red-brick color on their nose, paw pads, and ears.

Tuxedo White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Well, bi-color cats are cute, but Tuxedo White Maine Coon kittens are the real beauty. Imagine a gentleman in a fine Tuxedo! You will have someone wearing a black/gray coat matched up with a white shirt. That's what a Tuxedo White Maine Coon looks like.

Unlike bi-colored cats, they don't have completely white bottoms. Instead, the white shade exists on their bib, face, and paw pads combined with a black/gray solid top. They may have their signature pink nose while their ears are black and paw pads are white.

High White Tortie Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

High White Tortie Maine Coons are lovely cats known as the most stunning torties. You will love the white shade on your face, bib, forehead, and legs combined with a back full of colors. Most of their body features a blend of black, gray, white, and orange from chest to tail.

Another distinguishing feature is the "M" imprint on their white forehead replicating the aesthetics of a Tabby Maine Coon. Besides this, you will notice their white feet, paw pads, and ears, along with their beautifully pink nose.

Myths and Legends About White Maine Coon Cats and Kittens

#1 White Maine Coons are Mostly Deaf!

Are White Maine Coon cats deaf? The biggest question in the mind of every cat adopter. Yes, there's a probability of White Maine Coon being deaf, but it doesn't occur in every cat. Surprisingly, the "W" masking gene behind the stunning white coat causes hearing loss.

Especially if you look around blue-eyed White Coons, up to 40% of them are deaf cats, while 20% is the probability for others. Registered Maine Coon breeders like MasterCoons Cattery don't enroll deaf cats in the breeding program to prevent hearing loss in kittens.

#2 White Maine Coons have a Fake White Shade!

As discussed above, WFO does not consider White as a color in Maine Coons. That's because white Maine Coons result from the masking gene that prevents the exposure of other colors. Therefore, Maine Coons will likely have a fake white hue hiding several colors underneath, thanks to their genetics.

#3 Only White Maine Coons have Blue Eyes in the Breed!

White Maine Coons are the standalone cats with blue eyes in Breed. The most exciting fact is White Maine Kittens change the colors of their eyes after 7-9 weeks. While a born kitten has deep blue eyes, the color of the pupil changes with time to green or gold.

If you really want to confirm the permanent color of your kitten, a quick photoshoot can help you out. Perform flash photography as the flashlight reflects the back of the eyeball, preventing pupil closure. As Maine Coons have less melanin, a cat with permanent blue eyes will display a red reflection.

#4 White Maine Coons Are Albino Cats!

People often confuse White Maine Coons with Albino Cats because of their white fur. In fact, Albino Cats are a separate species with entirely white fur and red eyes. On the other hand, White Maine Coons may have a white coat, but it features blue, green, gold, and copper eyes.

You can also differentiate White Maine Coons from Albino cats from their eyes, as Maine Coons have lynx-like ears unlikely to be found in Albinos.

Are White Maine Coon Cats Rare?

If we look at the entire clan, White Maine Coon cats are moderately rare. That's because most white-patterned cats, such as tabbies, bi-color, and torties, are easily achievable. However, solid White Maine Coons are among the rarest cats in the Breed.

It may surprise you that the population of solid White Coons is just 1.5% of the entire Maine Coon family. Especially if you're looking for a blue-eyed White Maine Coon, it will take a fortune but worth your while.

Besides this, achieving a Solid White Maine Coon Kitten is also complex, making it rarer than patterned cats. Despite their complex breeding process, breeders involve in the breeding and provide White Maine Coon Cats for Sale.

White Maine Coon Kittens Price

Rarity has a direct relationship with the price of White Maine Coons. For instance, solid White Maine Coons are rarer and more costly when compared to patterned cats. They have the highest price in the window because of their rare genetics and time-consuming breeding process.

Whether you want to adopt a tabby or solid cat, a registered Maine Coon Breeder like MasterCoons Cattery is the perfect place. We have availability of White Maine Coon Kittens for Sale, and they can be bought at a worthwhile price.

The Bottom Line on White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

White Maine Coon kittens for sale offer the perfect blend of beauty, intelligence, and affection. These majestic felines are a sight to behold and excellent companions for cat lovers of all ages.

Proper care and attention to your White Maine Coon cat is essential to ensure a happy and healthy life together. As you welcome a White Maine Coon into your home, you'll discover the joy of having a loving and extraordinary feline companion.

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