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In the whole color gamut, black is a shade of sophistication, representing charm, elegance, and determined character. That’s what most cat lovers seek in their Maine Coon cats! While the color of a cat doesn’t determine its personality, Black Maine Coon Cats look strikingly beautiful. Our Black Maine Coon kittens for sale are a blend of exceptional appearance and genetic integrity. In addition to black coat, their eyes, nose, and other aesthetics also exude richness. By the same token, black Maine Coons have numerous things to enlighten your curiosity. Let’s unwrap the appearance and mysteries of your to-be ebony-coated feline companion. Before that, you might wonder how Maine Coons get that incredible shade. You asked for it, and you have it!

How We Achieve a Purebred Black Maine Coon Kitten?

When it comes to achieving a purebred black Maine Coon kitten, it takes a magical arrangement of genetics. A perfect combination of genes is essential, especially if you need a Maine Coon all-black cat.

Well, not everyone is a geneticist, but understanding genes can soothe your curiosity. Here are some scenarios determining the color and pattern of a black Maine Coon kitten.

  • Both Queen and Sire are all-black Maine Coon cats.
  • Black tabby parents carrying the non-agouti gene
  • A black tabby Maine Coon cat carrying the non-agouti gene mates with a solid black cat or anyone with a non-agouti gene
  • A mate between a tortie Queen and a Sire with a solid coat pattern carrying a non-agouti gene. As a result, you most probably get a male Maine Coon kitten.
  • A combination of black and blue Maine Coon parents

Black Maine Coon Characteristics


Like all the Maine Coons, black cats also feature a luxuriously thick and glossy ebony fur. The majestic black fur gives a unique appeal while insulating cats. However, the color of the coat may look different if you have a patterned cat, like a tabby or bi-color.

For instance, the famous black smoke Maine Coon cats have an inhibitor gene that prevents pigmentation at the base of each hair. That’s why their inner coat has a lighter color, making them stand out.


While you have numerous eye options, the color and genetics of a cat significantly determine its eye color. Black Maine coons have charming almond-shaped eyes with an oblique angle and black rims resembling the mascara.

Here’s the list of colors found in purebred black Maine Coon cats:

  • Amber
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Green Amber
  • Yellow
  • Orange

You may also see Black Maine Coon images with blue eyes, but they are not purebreds. Blue eyes in Maine Coons is only available in White unless it’s hybridized breeding.


The teeth are a consistent characteristic that sustains its authenticity regardless of the coat color. As with every Maine Coon, black Maine Coon kittens also have 26 teeth that turn out to be 30 when they grow up.

One thing you must know is that Maine Coons are prone to suffer from inflamed gums or gingivitis. Black Maine Coons are no exception! Therefore, we recommend you buy your cat a special toothbrush and toothpaste and brush its teeth daily.


That’s where black Maine Coons stand out from the other colored cats! Unlike most cats, black Maine Coons have black whiskers instead of white. Though they shed whiskers often, you may find those wherever your cat goes.

Also, Maine Coons with black coats don’t have eyebrows, but you can notice long hair above the eyes replicating their fur. We call them vibrissae or tactile hairs found on a solid black Maine Coon cat.

Nose and Paws

In most Maine Coons, the nose and paws have a gorgeous pink color contrasting with their bodies. But black Maine Coons set different standards with their shiny black nose leather and black paw pads.

Not to mention, even their lips are black, emphasizing their glorious shade. If you look at your cat randomly, you will only see their differently colored eyes like two halogen headlamps on a black luxury car!


What makes a cat Maine Coon? Undoubtedly, Maine Coon is famous for their gigantic size and personality, but their ear makes them noticeable. The large ears with Lynx tips are the signature aesthetics of a Maine Coon cat.

This characteristic becomes more admirable in black Maine Coons as they have matching black ears. You may find some gray shade inside their ears, but most are still black regardless of the pattern.

Color Patterns Available in Black Maine Coon for sale

Solid Black Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Solid black Maine Coon kittens and cats are the real all-black cats with a uniform coat. They feature a consistent black shade at every part of their body, from their nose to their tails. Even the fur is equally black from root to tip, ensuring an unpatterned tone.

According to World Feline Association (WFA), an all-black Maine Coon cat falls under Solid Color Class. You may not find tinges of rust coloring or a smokey undercoat, but it does have a black nose and pad paws.

Black and White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Don’t want that much black? Let’s match up with a white and make your feline companion wear a tuxedo! As the name describes, the black and white Maine Coon kittens are a dual-tone version of a solid black shade.

While you have the solid black on the top, the lower body of these cats features pure white. The significant change here is the nose and paw pads are pink instead of black, complimenting the white bottom. However, it’s uncertain for Maine Coons to have white on the face because some cats have it and some don’t.

Black Silver Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Black and white Maine Coon cat is cool, but Black and Silver fur symbolizes the abundance of Maine Coons. Black Silver Maine Coon kittens have greyish-black fur with silver markings on their chest, chin, neck and belly.

Interestingly, the black fur features glossy short hairs, while the silver fur is fluffy and lengthy. You will notice their pinkish ears but the signature black nose and paw pads. Perhaps it’s a rare color pattern and not even considered a color by most cat associations.

Black Tabby Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

In Maine Coons, researchers refer to tabbies as one of the oldest color patterns. It’s a traditional pattern featuring a highlight “M” imprint made with strips and markings. Black Tabby Maine Coon kittens have a blend of black/brown fur with distinguished brown markings on several parts of the body.

Besides this, tabbies come in three different random markings, including,

  • Classic Tabby
  • Mackerel Tabby
  • Ticked Tabby

Black Tortoise Kittens and Cats

If we are touring over the black Coon cat patterns, the torties are a worthy inclusion. That’s because the tortoiseshell pattern determines a dark shade with distinguished markings. Well, Black is the king of dark shades!

It’s a multi-colored species featuring black as a primary color garnished with white, cream, and brown patches. Black Tortoise Kittens have an uncertain pattern, whether it’s markings or colors, but the combination stays the same.

Black Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Black Smoke Maine Coon kittens gave a perfect ending to our list. The color pattern has an extraordinary fanbase who love it for its smoky looks while maintaining the signature aesthetics. Like a solid Maine Coon, they have black lips, nose, ears and paw pads.

The only but beloved difference between a solid and smoke-black Maine Coon is the fur shade. As discussed above, the smoke shade emphasizes the black fur with a lighter undercoat, offering a mixed charm.

Myths and Legends About Black Maine Coon Cats and Kittens

#1 Black Maine Coons Have Superpowers!

Regardless of the breed, black cats pull out many myths and legends to discuss. A popular legend determines the history of black cats as superstitious creatures and partners of witches. Meanwhile, some consider them unlucky, especially if they cross your path.

All these myths and legends are more ironical than superstitious! Aren’t they? In fact, black Maine Coons are lovely beings of nature, and there’s no proof of a black cat performing witchcraft. So, go ahead and grab your black Maine Coon Kitten for sale!

#2 Black Maine Coons Can Change Their Color!

Once again, Maine Coons don’t have the superpower to change their color how they want. But they may fade to rusty brown because of medical circumstances such as Tyrosine deficiency and sun-bleached.

Also, both diseases are interlinked because a lack of enzyme tyrosine can cause sunburn and fade the shade.

#3 Black Maine Coons Are More Prone to Health Issues!

Another myth about Maine Coons is that they have poor health and are highly prone to heart problems. In fact, they are one of the healthiest pets to adopt and can live a long and healthy life.

When discussing heart problems like HCM, the diseases causing genes can be easily identified and diagnosed. So are other genetic problems such as spinal muscular atrophy, periodontal disease, and PKD!

#4 Black Maine Coons Are Separate Breed!

In most colors and patterns, Maine Coons have lighter noses and paw pads. Black Maine Coons stand out with their all-black body, including black noses, ears, and paw pads. That’s why people consider it a separate breed and not a purebred.

However, a game of genes causes their differently gorgeous looks. They are 100% Maine Coons and feature all the signature aesthetics, including lynx-like ears, intelligence and friendliness!

Are Black Maine Coon Cats Rare?

With various distinguished features, a black Maine Coon cat may sound quite rare and difficult to achieve. That’s not the reality! Fortunately, Maine Coons with black coats are relatively common and convenient to obtain for breeders.

Thanks to their extensive classification, Maine Coon breeders have various options and can plan a breeding program accordingly. Also, unlike red Maine Coons, black color is available in both males and females.

Achieving a solid black Maine Coon can be challenging because it takes a specific set of genes. But the good news is breeders are following the trend and brewing more shades of black cats to meet the customer needs.

Even adopters are more likely to admire black cats with a Rainbow of colors, as in tabbies and smoke patterns. Therefore, these ultimate cats are becoming readily available to adopt compared to other rich colors such as gold, silver, and red.

Black Maine Coon Kittens Price

With epic intelligence and friendliness, black Maine Coons are worthy pets, and you may not count on the cost. But understanding the cost structure can get you the right deal! The price significantly varies according to your chosen color pattern and its rarity. For instance, solid black Maine Coons are rarer than tabbies, so they cost accordingly. Especially if you’re looking for a black silver tabby, it may cost you the highest stake being the rarest pattern in black Maine Coons.

The best bet could be to buy your favorite Maine Coon from a registered Maine Coon breeder, such as MasterCoons Cattery, at Not only do they provide you with a certified purebred cat, but they also ensure your pet has optimal health.

The Bottom Line on Black Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

In summary, black Maine Coon kittens and cats offer an extraordinary combination of elegance, charm, and mystery. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless beauty of a solid black coat or the captivating patterns of a black tabby, these feline companions bring enchantment into your life.

The myths and legends surrounding them add to their allure, making them a topic of fascination and conversation. While they may not possess superpowers or the ability to change their color, Black Maine Coons are undeniably unique in their own right.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of companionship with one of these regal cats, don’t miss the opportunity to make a Black Maine Coon a part of your family. Contact reputable breeders or rescue organizations to inquire about availability and adoption.