Previous Maine Coon Clients

Pictures our guardians took with their newly adopted Maine Coons on adoption day

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Theodore's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Theodore was adopted by Brittany and now lives at Louisville, KY

Martina's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Martina was adopted by Kathryn and now lives at Little Rock, AR

Phillip's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Phillip was adopted by Estevan and now lives at Stuart

Morgan's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Morgan was adopted by Rachel and now lives at San Antonio, TX

Evelyn's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Evelyn was adopted by Ken and now lives at Clearwater, FL

Ernest's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Ernest was adopted by New Family and now lives at Atlanta, GA

Lukas's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Lukas was adopted by Zach and now lives at Atlanta, GA

Norman's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Norman was adopted by Jhuliana and now lives at Miami, FL

Richard's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Richard was adopted by Patricia and now lives at Orange County, CA

Gabriel's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Gabriel was adopted by Sergio and his family and now lives at Hollywood, FL

Enisey's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Enisey was adopted by Ete and now lives at Tampa, FL

Hunter's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Hunter was adopted by Jill and now lives at Daytona Beach, FL, US

Saros's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Saros was adopted by Savannah and now lives at Tampa Bay, FL, US

Zeus's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Zeus was adopted by Dennis and now lives at Ft Lauderdale, FL, US

Papay's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Papay was adopted by Papay's New Family and now lives at Los Angeles, CA

Felix's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Felix was adopted by James & His Family and now lives at Tampa Bay

Garfield's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Garfield was adopted by Donna and now lives at Cocoa Beach, FL

Oliver's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Oliver was adopted by Oliver's New Family and now lives at St. Pete, FL

Garfield's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Garfield was adopted by Riccardo and now lives at Sarasota, FL, US

Hercules's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Hercules was adopted by Armando & Rebecca and now lives at West Palm Beach, FL, US

Phoenix's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Phoenix was adopted by Phoenix's New Family and now lives at Los Angeles, CA, US

Phoebe's adoption picture


5 stars rating

Phoebe was adopted by Phoebe's New Family and now lives at Georgia, US

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MasterCoons Reviews - Happy Maine Coon Clients

Since the beginning, MasterCoons Cattery has been a beacon of quality services and brilliant customer experiences. The MasterCoons testimonials imply the legacy of breed excellence and cat enthusiasts experiencing lovely feline companionship.

From new cat owners to cat enthusiasts, we have provided purebred Maine Coon kittens to everyone looking for an adorable furry pet. The credit goes to our ethical breeding programs registered with World Felinology Organization (WFO) and our passion for Maine Coons. Also, we are a Certified TICA Outstanding Cattery dedicated towards quality breeding and best-in-class customer experience.

Every review from our Maine Coon breeder clients is more heartfelt sentiments than just testimonials. That’s because we fulfill the dream of having a legendary European Maine Coon cat as a happy and healthy pet for a lifetime.

Let’s see how you can bring your Maine Coon of dreams home and be an epic part of MasterCoons testimonials!

Be an Epic Part of MasterCoons Testimonials and Have Your Own Story

Choose Your Favorite Maine Coon Kitten

What does it take to choose the right pet for you? An exclusive range of Maine Coon kittens for sale! MasterCoons Cattery leaps further over the competition and features purebred Maine Coons in the catalog.

Whatever you have in your mind, whether it’s a solid or tabby Coon, we can provide you with any desired kitten. So, explore all the European Maine Coon Kittens available on our website and get ready to be a feline parent.

Become a Pre-Approved Guardian

Found your dream Maine Coon? Let us guess! Is that Douglas? Even if it’s anyone else, you still made an excellent choice! Now, it’s time to be its pre-approved guardian and get an exact quote for your to-be Maine Coon kitten.

You can quickly sign up to adopt a kitten using your email, select the delivery address, and wait for approval. Even if you want to see your favorite kitten before proceeding further, MasterCoons Cattery has got you covered. We offer free live stream video with any kitten of your choice for authenticity and peace of mind.

Complete Your Reservation

Once you get the approval, the next step is to complete the Maine Coon reservation. Being a top-rated Maine Coon breeder, MasterCoons Cattery understands the value of written contracts during pet adoption.

We provide a legitimate kitten adoption contract for electronically signing. You will get an extensive document with payment instructions, health certificates, and pedigree information.

Get Safe and Secure Delivery

The white glove delivery we conduct is another reason behind our exclusive MasterCoons Testimonials. Thanks to our USDA registered transporter, we deliver your Maine Coon kitten safely and share proper tracking details of the consignment.

All the Maine Coon kittens for sale at our cattery are microchipped, featuring an ISO-compliant chip for verification and convenient international travel. So, not only do we deliver your beloved pet, but we also deliver the VIP pet adoption experience.

Welcome a European Maine Coon Kitten for a lifetime

Finally, it's the homecoming of your lovely Maine Coon kitten! Admire its lynx-like ears, furry coat, and unmatched charm, and get ready to enjoy lifetime companionship. There’s no second thought it will create an affectionate bond with you and fill your life with feline love and playfulness.

As a top-rated Maine Coon breeder, we know some adopters may experience dilemmas in handling the kitten. Our team of client advisors is available to connect in your desired language and can assist you at every step of pet care.

MasterCoons Cattery — Top-Rated Maine Coon Breeder & Your Trustworthy Companion in Feline Adoption

Global Maine Coon Cattery, Spreading Feline Love Around the US

If you’re the one looking for European Maine Coon kittens in the US, MasterCoons Cattery is the end of your research. We hold the pride of being a globally diverse Maine Coon cattery with an exclusive European bloodline from Eastern Europe.

Our team of caretakers raises Coons in Eastern Europe, and makes us deliver European Maine Coon cats around the US. As every cat enthusiast knows, Eastern European Maine Coons have the best characteristics and attract a remarkable fanbase worldwide.

Best-in-Class Products and Services

The excellent MasterCoons reviews came from genuine customers who know the quality we deliver with our products and services. Whether it’s our kittens or pet care assistance, MasterCoons Cattery is a tier above the industrial standards.

We have a complete team of caretakers and veterinary experts who ensure each kitten's optimal health and wellness. They conduct regular health screenings, aiding our confidence in the kitten’s health, and they offer up to a 10-year health warranty.

Certified TICA Outstanding Cattery

The International Cat Association (TICA) is a North American cat organization famous as the largest genetic cat registry in the world. MasterCoons Cattery is proud of being a Certified TICA Outstanding Cattery and rated "Excellent" by the association's regulations. You can verify us on TICA here and our TICA cattery number is 109753.

This implies our focus towards breed quality and overall health of Maine Coon kittens on the time of sale. Henceforth, your lovely feline companion will possess an optimal health and bring the expected excitement in your life.

WFO-Accredited Maine Coon Breeders

In addition to our TICA Outstanding Cattery certification, our registration with World Felinology Organization (WFO) spotlights authenticity and breed excellence. We accredit WFO for breeding programs, breed standards, genetic testing, and the adoption process.

Moreover, we are also an official member of the SF LenCat Club and can easily be verified online. You can verify us as an active member of SF LenCat Club using the cattery number: WFA-RU-11-770-2023.

Legitimate Kitten Purchase Contract in Writing

As discussed above, we provide written kitten purchase contracts available for e-signs. Our adoption process is entirely online but transparent. The written contract legally binds us with the Maine Coon adopters and ensures a fair trade.

Being a top-rated Maine Coon breeder, MasterCoons Cattery never lacks professionalism and always follows WFO regulations. You will get a certificate of health, health warranty, and pedigree papers with the written contract.

Free Live Video Calls Available

In a world full of scams and unethical practices, you would like to ensure legitimacy. Especially from a business that operates online, having a video call with a kitten is something that every adopter seeks.

At MasterCoons Cattery, we give you the freedom to request a free live video call with your favorite kitten. Interact with their nickname, admire their moves, and fall in love with them before they arrive at your home!

Schedule a Live Video Call Today