Brown Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

As a cat lover, you might know Maine Coons as rare massive and beautiful cats. Most popular cats with stunning aesthetics are more expensive and challenging to find. Well, this statement justifies itself unless you know about the Brown Maine Coon cat.

If you're looking to enjoy the heartiest personality of Maine Coon but have a congested budget, Brown Coons got you covered. Despite being an ordinary cat, you would love to uncover interesting trivia about Brown Maine Coon Kittens for Sale.

Let's start the journey with the incredible genetics of Brown Coons and get ready for exciting pit spots on the way!

How We Achieve a Purebred Brown Maine Coon Kitten?

Like Black Maine Coons, Brown Coons also have Eumelanin pigment behind their color. The only difference is that a Brown shade appears when there's a presence of recessive genes with Eumelanin.

The mix of Eumelanin and Recessive genes produces the browning gene behind the brown shade of the cat. As this phenomenon occurs frequently, Brown Maine Coon kittens are easily available in every pattern.

If we look around the famous Brown Tabby Coons, they include the agouti gene in their genetics, displaying the tabby markings.

Brown Maine Coon Characteristics

Maine Coon Kittens


The Brown is a basic yet beautiful shade of coat available in Maine Coons. You might have seen brown cats in different shades of Brown, from chocolate to cinnamon. Maine Coons are no exception as they also feature the same shades in the coat but with their gigantic size.

Whether you're thinking of a solid Brown Coon or a Tabby, you got there. Even in Tabby Markings, you have a complete range of patterns, including Brown Classic, Mackerel, Spotted, and Ticked Tabby.


Being a common cat, Brown Maine Coon has basic shades in their eyes. Don't worry! The signature almond-shaped eyes look beautiful when they come in green, gold, or gold-green colors. Surprisingly, Brown Coons have color-changing eyes like the rare Silver Coons.

It may excite you that Brown Maine Coon kittens possess dark blue eyes at birth. Unfortunately, the eyes determine the actual color after 6-8 weeks and change into one of the primary colors. It happens because of the browning genes following the properties of inhibitor genes.


No matter whether a Maine Coon is rare or common, the breed has a signature set of teeth in every color and pattern. The growth of the whole structure somehow replicates the human teeth and grows with time.

Like infants, Maine Coon kittens don't have any teeth at birth but develop 26 of them by six weeks. It takes six months for a Maine Coon to grow an entire jaw of 30 permanent teeth, which is far quicker than humans. However, they are prone to periodontal diseases if you get careless with their tooth care.


We all remember how Jerry used to tie up Tom's mustaches in a gift knot. Well, the mustaches are technically whiskers and one of the functional aesthetics of cats. Whiskers are like a navigation system for Maine Coons, allowing them to locate their position while traveling around.

Maine Coons mostly have white whiskers, but Brown Coons may develop a few black hairs because of Eulemanin pigment. Along with that, another interesting fact about Maine Coon whiskers is the setup consists of 16 hairs, more than twice of 4-8 hairs in other breeds.

Nose and Paws

Despite having multiple shades in the coat, Brown Maine Coons settled for two colors on the nose and paw pads. A Brown Maine Coon cat can have either black/brown or brick-red nose, depending on the pattern.

Since most patterns include shades of black, black aesthetics are pretty frequent. But some Brown tabbies come with a brick-red shade on their nose leather and paw pads.


The Maine Coon family is famous for their large pointed ears among all the cat breeds. Not only do the lynx-like ears look charming, but they also improve hearing capabilities and attentiveness.

Unlike most Maine Coons, Brown Coons have a consistent shade on their ears which is White with a tinge of light pink. The color never changes whether you're looking at a Brown Tabby or a Solid Brown Maine Coon kitten.

Color Patterns Available in Brown Maine Coon for sale

Solid Brown Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

As with every solid Coon, Solid Brown Maine Coon implies a consistent Brown coat without any patches or markings. The coat color stays uniform from nose to tail, but the face may appear darker than the body.

Besides this, another twist is Solid Brown Coons are available in multiple shades of Brown. You can find a solid Coon cat with Chocolate, Dark Brown, and Light Brown shades. Not to mention, Solid Coons require recessive genes in the breeding process and are rarer than other patterns.

Brown and White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

The Brown and White Maine Coons are bi-color cats combining solid white and brown coats. These cats undoubtedly possess a beautiful solid Brown top layer contrasting the snow-white bottom. But the story doesn't end here!

You can also find a Brown Tuxedo cat with white patches at the bib, chest, and legs instead of a completely white bottom. Regardless of the pattern, the presence of white may lead to eye-catching pink aesthetics in these cats.

Black and Brown Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

As discussed above, Black and Brown in Maine Coons come from Eulemanin pigment. The pigmentation is inconsistent and sometimes results in a higher influence of Black than Brown. Henceforth, you get a majestic Black and Brown Maine Coon kitten with dark aesthetics.

Being a dominating color, Black appears at the base and harnesses the deep Brown patches throughout the coat. It also darkens the shade of nose leather and paw pads, making them appeal to dark brown or black.

Brown Tabby Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

Here comes the famous Brown Tabby Maine Coon kittens! The heart-soothing coppery brown base garnished with dense black markings and black aesthetics can grab anyone's attention. Perhaps the Brown Tabbies don't stop at one pattern!

You can easily adopt Brown Tabbies in Classic, Mackerel, Patched, Ticked, and Blotched tabby markings. While the type of markings is a matter of choice, cat lovers admire the signature "M" imprint on the forehead.

Brown Tortoiseshell Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

If you hover around Tortie Maine Coon genetics, Brown is one of the primary colors in the patches. Brown Tortoiseshell Maine Coon kittens experience a higher influence of browning genes and have copper Brown coat.

Being a tortie Coon, the cat features the signature red and black patches throughout the body. You can notice intermingled red patches on the primary coat, tail, and face elevating the overall personality of the Coon.

Brown Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Maine Coon Kittens

What can end this fantastic list of patterns better than the Brown Smoke Maine Coon kitten? Brown Smoke Coons are shaded cats having a solid Brown shade on the tip of the fur over a pale undercoat.

Like all the Smokey Coons, these cats also come with a white root of the fur, and the recessive Non-Agouti Allele restricts the main color to the tips only. So, when the cat moves, you may notice silver shades under the solid Brown coat.

Are Brown Maine Coon Cats Rare?

No, Brown Maine Coons are easily achievable and do not fall under the category of rare Coons. Of course, the rarity depends on different patterns, but it only makes a slight difference. Solid Brown Coons are somehow rare because they need recessive genes, unlike Brown Tabbies.

Along with that, Brown Maine Coon kittens can be both male and female. It means you're open to grabbing your desired companion from the Brown Maine Coon kittens for sale. So, what are you waiting for?

Brown Maine Coon Kittens Price

With unparalleled beauty, Brown Maine Coon cats are affordable feline companions looking for a loving caretaker. The less rarity made these magnificent cats easy to breed and priced at a basic stake. If you want to enjoy the heartiest personality and beautiful aesthetics of Maine Coon, Brown Maine Coon won't break your bank.

Now, since you can buy a Coon at an affordable price, considering a mix-breed doesn't make any sense. Instead, consult a TICA and WFO-registered Maine Coon breeder like MasterCoons Cattery and get yourself a purebred Brown Maine Coon kitten.

The Bottom Line on Brown Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Brown Maine Coon kittens offer a spectrum of captivating patterns, debunking the notion of rarity. Each cat tells a story of genetics and aesthetics, from Solid Browns to enchanting Brown Tabbies. The interplay of Eumelanin and recessive genes gives rise to the majestic brown shades in their coats, complementing their aesthetics.

Dispelling rarity myths, these cats showcase affordability without compromising the heartiest Maine Coon personality. Bring one of the Brown Maine Coon kittens for Sale home and complete your family with a lovely and playful pet!

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