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As we know, Red is an admirable shade of love and grabs the attention of everyone. So is a Red Maine Coon Cat. Let’s humor you! Unlike their famous name, Red Coons are not exactly Red, our favorite blood Red.

They feature a beautiful orange/gingerish shade with strips and striking aesthetics. Whether it’s gold, red, or ginger, whatever you call it, our Orange Maine Coon Kittens for sale look magnificent. While their adorable personality brings good vibes, the ginger shade symbolizes luxury.

Can’t wait to scout these majestic creatures? We won’t let you hold your spirit! Let’s start with uncovering the genes that breed a purebred orange Maine Coon kitten and see what comes around.

How We Achieve a Purebred Orange Maine Coon Kitten?

Like every Maine Coon cat, achieving a cat with an orange coat takes a specific set of genes. It becomes more complicated when looking for a purebred red Maine coon kitten. Parents must carry two forms of genes, ‘O’ and ‘o’, in the X-chromosome, available in both Sire and Queen.

However, female cats have two X (XX) chromosomes, while males have a combination of X and Y (XY) chromosomes. A male Maine Coon with X-chromosome carrying an ‘O’ allele can ensure an orange Maine Coon Kitten, but if it’s carrying an ‘o’ allele will have black/brown kitten.

Well, Queens have a more significant role in breeding and need a complex combination of genes to give birth to an orange coon. Here are the three scenarios to explore:

  • Only a female with XX-chromosome and two ‘O’s can breed an orange Maine Coon
  • A cat with two ‘o’s may breed a black or brown kitten
  • A blend of XX-chromosomes with one ‘O’ and one ‘o’ will result in a tortoiseshell coat

Too complicated? You’re looking at the genes of one of the rarest Maine Coons in the world. So, it’s worth it! Let’s get it straight for you. A Maine Coon breeder needs a Sire with X-Chromosome carrying one ‘O’ allele and a Queen with XX-chromosome carrying two ‘O’s to obtain a Red Maine Coon Kitten.

Orange Maine Coon Characteristics


We all know Maine Coons for their beautiful furry coats, and Orange Maine Coon cats are no exception. Despite having a rare color, Red Coons share the same aesthetics and feature a luxurious coat making them the talk of the town.

You will love their famous orange shade with darker markings all over the body. Moreover, they also got the signature “M” imprint on the forehead found in Maine Coon breed cats. It may surprise you if you’re looking for a cat with blood red coat because World Feline Association (WFA) has recognized orange coons as Red Maine Coons.


It’s nothing new that Maine Coon is not a blue-eyed cat species. However, there’s an interesting fact that it belongs to Red Maine Coon cats. Orange Maine Coon mix kittens have blue eyes at birth and turn to gold or green as they grow up.

A fully grown orange Maine Coon may have different eye shades, including gold, green, and odd eyes. Like all the Maine Coons, cats with orange shades also have almond-shaped eyes with a black tickle in the middle.


Maine Coon teeth are a common characteristic that all the cats share with each other. Certainly, orange Maine Coon kittens have no teeth at birth like human babies. You can expect the arrival of the first teeth pair at the 3-week mark and permanent teeth after 3-4 months.

They have 28 teeth at an earlier stage, and a fully grown Red Maine Coon cat may have 30 teeth. Undoubtedly, Maine Coons have a beautiful mouth but are prone to Periodontal Disease (gum disease) if not maintained properly. That’s why veterinary professionals suggest brushing your cat daily or at least 3-4 times a week.


You might have watched Tom and Jerry and know how Jerry used to play with Tom’s facial hair. We call them whiskers, a prominent apparel found in any cat regardless of the breed. Interestingly, Maine Coons stand out in the queue with larger and numerous whiskers.

While an average cat has eight whiskers, Maine Coons can have up to 16 whiskers on each side. If we talk about Red Maine Coons, they have white glossy whiskers contrasting with their orange coat.

Nose and Paws

That’s where Red Maine Coon cats make a difference from other colored cats. They have a unique brick-red color on their nose leather and paw pads. Apparently, it varies according to the shades and patterns of Orange Maine Coons.

For instance, Orange Smoke Maine Coons features rose-colored nose leather and paw pads. Even the rims of the eyes are also rose-colored, giving a magnificent look to the cat.


Besides their charming fur and eyes, their modified heads and large ears are admirable. Depending on their pattern, you will love their tufted lynx-like ears contrasted with brick red or pink.

Like nose and paws, smoke coons have pink ears, while solids and tabbies have gorgeous brick red shades.

Color Patterns Available in Orange Maine Coon for sale

Solid Red Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Solid Red Maine Coon kittens are among the rarest species of cats in the world. According to WFA, the cats must have a solid orange color from roots to tips without markings. The ginger Maine Coon cats with solid coats imply a deep shade of orange throughout the body.

As discussed above, solid Red Maine Coons stand out with their brick-red nose, paw pads, and ears. But their eyes are mostly green, giving a beautiful hue to their overall appearance.

Orange and White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Here comes the most beautiful and easily identifiable color pattern in Maine Coons. An orange and white Maine Coon cat belongs to the bi-color class featuring a unique combination of white. While the top is of signature solid orange color, the whole bottom has a snow white shade.

The twist is their chin has a slight orange patch on the white, unlike the most bi-color Maine Coons. Besides this, you will notice the pink nose leather and paw pads instead of brick red found in a solid shade.

Red Tortoiseshell Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Imagine a cat with a dark-colored face followed by golden and white patches. Red tortoiseshell Maine Coon sets a perfect example symmetrical face featuring gold, black and white shades. Not only does this blend look beautiful, but it also gives unique aesthetics to Gold Maine Coons.

As they have black patches, you may notice black nose or multicolored nose leathers, which are unavailable in any Red Maine Coon patterns. Although they may still maintain their signature brick-red ears.

Red Tabby Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

A red tabby is a natural ginger Maine Coon kitten possessing a golden coat with darker markings all over the body. Meanwhile, the deep, rich orange markings can shuffle the symmetry depending on the tabby pattern: Classic, Mackerel, or Ticked.

Unlike most red Maine Coons, red tabbies have a fainted white trim abound the lips and chin and a large patch of white on the chest. But nose and paw pads are still brick-red, contrasting their fur.

Cameo Smoke and White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Don’t you want your cat to be so gingerish? You will love the Cameo Smoke and White Maine Coon kitten at your home. Instead of having a solid red shade, this pattern implies a combination of red smoke on the top and pure white on the bottom.

The red smoke shade gives a light orange appeal because its white inner coat blends in the bottom. As a result, it looks like a vanilla ice cream garnished with butterscotch sauce!

Red Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Red Smoke Maine Coon kittens are wrapping the list with its stand-out aesthetics. While other Orange Maine Coons have brick red organs, they have a unique pink shade. Whether it’s nose leather or ears, a different pink graphic is appealing.

Let’s get back to the coat! An orange smoke Maine Coon cat has a white or light-colored undercoat with red tips. That happens because of an inhabiter gene that reduces pigmentation at the initial part of the fur.

Myths and Legends About Red Maine Coon Cats and Kittens

#1 Red Maine Coons Aren’t Really Red!

Go to our gallery and check out one of the Red Maine Coon images! You will see a cat with an orange coat rather than a Red one (the blood-red color). That’s why they are called Orange Maine Coons or Ginger Maine Coons as their synonyms. As we discussed above, it happens because of their specific genes, resulting in different shades of orange instead of Red.

#2 Red Maine Coons Aren’t Available in Solid Pattern!

Here, we are talking about a solid pattern with uniform color and no markings. However, Red Maine Coons are mostly stripped, and it’s utmost rare to see a coat with plain red coat. Even the so-called solid Orange Maine Coon kittens have hidden strips throughout the body.

#3 Red Maine Coons Replicate Redhead Humans!

You might have heard, “Gingers don’t have souls,” but the scenario becomes different when it’s about Ginger Coons. Ginger Maine Coon cats are famous for replicating redhead humans as they share the same pigment.

Yes, you read that right! The pigment responsible for the aesthetics of red-headed humans is the same pigment that manifests in the ginger coat in Maine Coons. Maybe they are just red-headed humans wearing a cat mask to save taxes!

#4 Red Maine Coons Are Mostly Males!

As discussed above, Orange Maine Coon Kittens have a complex set of genes. This complexity also makes gingers cat a male-dominated tribe with over 80% males. While females need two X chromosomes, a male Maine Coon can be obtained with one X chromosome.

It means the X chromosome needs to occur once for a male but twice for a female, lowering the probability. As a result, you have a meager amount of female Red Coons, making the species rarer.

Are Red/Orange Maine Coon Cats Rare?

The mystery behind the rarity of Orange Maine Coon cats lies in their genes and color patterns. Most patterns of red Maine Coons, such as Red Tabby, Red Smoke, and Red Tortoiseshell, are readily available. However, the solid Orange Maine Coons fall under the rarest species in the feline family.

Especially if you’re looking for a female, it takes a fortune to have female Orange Maine Coon Kittens for sale. Obviously, the reason behind their rarity is the tricky genetics that we discussed in the above sections.

Maine Coon breeders need two X chromosomes carrying the ‘O’ and one X chromosome carrying the ‘O’ allele to achieve a solid red Maine Coon. As this combination doesn’t occur frequently, it’s uncommon to see a solid Orange Maine Coon.

Orange Maine Coon Kittens Price

When buying a lovely pet, our passion overtakes the price factor. However, you can make your investment worthwhile if you know how they are priced. The price of an Orange Maine Coon can depend on their rarity and color pattern.

For instance, you can buy a red tabby or tortie at an average price of Maine Coon. But a Maine Coon with a solid Orange coat may charge you the highest price on the stake. Being a rare species, it is more difficult to obtain, and breeders price it accordingly.

So, it’s finally a question: Where to Buy a Purebred Orange Maine Coon kitten? The perfect answer is to buy it from a registered Maine Coon breeder like MaineCoons Cattery. We conduct a genuine breeding program registered with WFA and offer Orange Maine Coon Kittens for Sale.

The Bottom Line on Orange Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Orange Maine Coon kittens are a delightful addition to any family or individual looking for a loving feline companion. Their striking appearance, friendly personalities, and unique symbolism make them highly sought after by cat enthusiasts worldwide.

Whether you choose to acquire one from a registered breeder who specializes in Maine Coon cats or through other reputable sources, the joy and love these kittens bring into your life are sure to be immeasurable.

Remember that responsible ownership entails providing proper care, attention, and love to ensure your orange Maine Coon cat enjoys a happy and healthy life.