Smoke Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

From tabby to tortie, every color and pattern catches the attention when it comes to the incredible physique of Maine Coon. A Smoke Maine Coon cat is no exception and attracts a large fanbase of cat lovers.

The fan-favorite smoky Maine Coons symbolize the lavishness while maintaining its heartiest personality. If you're also planning to adopt one of the Smoke Maine Coon Kittens for Sale, you might have tons of curiosity to learn more about your to-be pet.

So, here we are with a quick but informative trivia about Maine Coons with Smoke Shades. Travel through the ultimate genetics of these majestic beings and wait for exciting pit stops of information!

How We Achieve a Purebred Smoke Maine Coon Kitten?

Like their unique appearance, Smoke Maine Coons have a complex genetics inclusive of three different Allele. A kitten must inherit a blend of the Non-Agouti Allele, Wideband Allele, and Silver Allele to develop the signature smoke shade.

The non-agouti Allele restricts the primary color to the tips of the hair, while the Silver Allele ensures a lighter undercoat. Whether it's tabby or solid, breeders can enroll Queens and Sire of any pattern in the breeding process unless they carry a non-agouti allele.

Besides this, a smoke Maine Coon kitten also inherits a wideband and silver allele from at least one parent. Thanks to this complicated genetics, Smoke Coons are rare and more expensive than other color patterns.

Smoke Maine Coon Characteristics


With an exclusive fan base, the coat of Smoke Maine Coon needs no explanation. You will love its majestic solid shade coat with a lighter undercoat, producing a unique color gamut. As the cats have non-agouti genes, the primary color stays on the tip of the fur.

When the cat moves, the lighter undercoat shines and displays its presence beautifully. The tip of fur may be a solid color, but it's worth noticing that the face, ears, and feet are darker than other body parts.


As discussed in the genetics, Smoke Coons don't have the presence of white or Masking genes. Don't expect blue eyes even if the coat has a lighter hue underneath the primary color. Instead, Smoke Maine Coon cats have gold, green, gold-green or amber eyes.

Unlike the Silver Maine Coons, you will not find any presence of Blue in their eyes throughout their lifespan.

Nose and Paws

The Smoke Maine Coons are available in various colors, including Black, Red, Gray, and Cream. Henceforth, the colors of the nose and paws can vary according to the color and distinguished genetics.

Let's take the example of the famous Black Maine Coon! It features a black nose and paw pads like its non-smoke variant. By the same token, Red Smoke Coons can have a Brick Red nose with a black boundary.


Besides nose and paw pads, the influence of colors and genetics also affect the ears. Most Smoke Maine Coons possess the pink shades on their ears. However, the Black Smoke Maine Coon kitten stands out with dark gray or black ears representing its majestic personality.

If we keep the color game aside, every cat lover admires the large tipped ears with white threads and smoky outer shade. The more prominent ears mean better hearing skills and attention to sound, making Coons more responsive than other breeds.

Color Patterns Available in Smoke Maine Coon for sale

Black Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Black Smoke Maine Coon — a common but incredibly famous smoke cat. It implies a dark black coat with shades of gray and silver. Thanks to the Eumelanin pigments, the cat gets solid black tipped over the lighter undercoat and stark white roots.

Like the Solid Black Coons, it also gets the signature black face with deep black aesthetics. Even though the whiskers are remarkably black, which is not so common in any color of Maine Coon.

Red Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Red Maine Coons already holds the pride of being the most beautiful cats but the smoke shade further levels up the elegance. The signature red results from the pheomelanin pigment that aligns with non-agouti genes to keep the color at the tips.

Orange or Red Smoke Maine Coons possess sex-linked pigmentation that only replicates the sex of the same parent. Like Solid Red Coons, the Smoke variant also has the female dominance as it needs two X chromosomes only available in Queens.

Blue Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Here's the arrival of our beloved diluted Blue Smoke Maine Coon with a controversy of being Gray. Yes, they are Gray! Being the diluted version of Black, it has the same eumelanin pigment with a diluted gene modification.

You will notice the Solid Gray shade of the coat with a Blue tinge over the pale undercoat. Interestingly, the nose has the signature Blue shade, while other aesthetics remain light pink.

Cream Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

As Blue dilutes the Black Cream Smoke, Maine Coons feature the diluted form of Red Coons. The solid Cream shade enlightens the tips of the cat's fur while the base features the signature pale white color.

The parental red genes influence the Cream Smoke color and result in the stunning Brick Red aesthetics.

Tortie Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

A Torite Smoke Maine Coon is a blend of red (Pheomelanin) and black (Eumelanin) over the pale undercoat. Being a Tortoiseshell, this Smoke Coon features brindled patches of black and red on the tip of their fur.

Although most tortie cats have dark faces, mainly black, you will notice a mix of two shades throughout the body. Interestingly, they can have dual-tone faces, resulting in two different colors on the nose and cheeks.

Are Smoke Maine Coon Cats Rare?

Yes, they are definitely rare and trendy among cat lovers. That's because a Smoke Maine Coon kitten needs a complex set of genes to land on the Earth. If a breeder wants to achieve a smoky Coon, the kitten must inherit three alleles:

  • Recessive Non-Agouti Allele

  • Wideband Allele

  • Dominant Silver Allele

Despite its rarity and complex genetics, the Maine Coon breeders still make it easily available with their TICA and WFO-registered breeding programs. For instance, MasterCoons Cattery puts Purebred Black Maine Coon Kittens for Sale and offers a white-glove delivery at your doorsteps.

Smoke Maine Coon Kittens Price

Beauty comes at a price, and Smoke Maine Coons have the right reason to be expensive. The rare genetics and complex breeding process elevate the price of smoky Coons. If you explore the Maine Coon Price chart, they tail the Shaded Silver Maine Coons with the highest price.

Not to mention, the price can vary according to the color you choose. A Full Grown Black Smoke Maine Coon cat can be less rare and cheaper than Red Smoke Maine Coons.

The Bottom Line on Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

In conclusion, Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats stand out as rare and alluring feline companions thanks to their intricate genetics and stunning coat patterns. These cats come in various captivating shades, from the mysterious Black Smoke to the elegant Red Smoke.

Due to their rarity and complex breeding requirements, they are among the more expensive Maine Coon varieties. Nevertheless, their unique beauty and charming personalities make them highly sought-after by cat enthusiasts.

If you're considering welcoming a Smoke Maine Coon into your home, be prepared for a journey filled with fascination, beauty, and the joy of having an extraordinary feline companion.

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