Cream Maine Coon Kittens for Sale

With a heartwarming personality, Maine Coons are not less sugary than a delicious dessert. The Cream Maine Coon brings this slang into reality with their creamy shade and lovely aesthetics. It may be not just about the color, but it's about whether they really exist or not.

It's one of the frequently asked questions about the Cream Coons, as they are often confused with Orange cats. If you're among those cat lovers with this curiosity, you have arrived at the perfect place to get the answer.

In addition to their existence, we will uncover interesting trivia before you plan to adopt one of the Cream Maine Coon Kittens for Sale. Let's begin this journey with Cream Coon Genetics unveiling the authenticity of the Coon family.

How We Achieve a Purebred Cream Maine Coon Kitten?

You might hear about Gray Maine Coons and how their genetics dilute the Black shade for their signature coat. Similarly, Cream Coons are the diluted version of the famous Red Maine Coon cats.

The Pheomelanin pigment that produces the orange shade partners with "D" genes and results in the Cream coat. Not to mention, the impact of diluted genes is inconsistent and causes different color patterns in Cream Maine Coon Kittens.

Being a dilute-colored cat, Cream Maine Coons are moderately rare but do not fall under one of the most rare Coons. Maine Coon breeders involve in breeding purebred Cream Coons and make them easily available for adoption.

Cream Maine Coon Characteristics


Cream Maine Coons are the closest substitute for the rare Yellow Maine Coons but with a lighter hue. Like the Cream used in the dishes, the cat features a pale white color with shades of snow white. It's more like a gorgeous lady with blonde straightened hair!

Whether we talk about Tabby or Bi-Color patterns, these Blonde Maine Coon cats are available in almost every color pattern. No matter what you choose, the shade looks beautiful on Maine Coon's shaggy and smooth fur.


When it comes to aesthetics, no one can miss out on the large and oval-shaped eyes of Maine Coons. The Cream Coons have a vast range of eye colors depending on their pattern and genetics. While some cats have basic eye shades such as Gold, Green, and Yellow, you can also find Coons possessing Blue and odd eyes.

If you're specifically looking for blue eyes, you may go for Solid Cream Coons, but after reviewing the health reports. That's because Blue eyes in Maine Coons come with a probability of deafness, as noticed in White Maine Coons.


In addition to the eyes, Teeth also compliment the beautiful coat of a Cream Maine Coon cat. Although every Maine Coon has the same jaw and teeth setup, the unique alignment and size of the teeth sets them apart from other cat breeds.

While the kittens don't possess any teeth at birth, you can expect 26 teeth in your kitten's mouth after six weeks. The setup further upgrades to 30 permanent teeth after six months. Meanwhile, we recommend brushing 3-4 times weekly to prevent dental diseases.


We all keep looking at the stunning eyes and gorgeous coats of Maine Coons but often overlook their whiskers. Interestingly, they're not just hairs; instead, the whiskers are sensitive and functional parts of Coon's body.

Whether they travel through a hole or wall, the whiskers guide them to see if they can walk through an object or not. Cream Maine Coon owns 16 white whiskers on each side, complimenting the coat and aesthetics.

Nose and Paws

What would be your choice if asked to pick a color to contrast the Cream shade? Obviously pink! Nature knows this and gives a pink nose leather to Cream Coons like the cherry on the cake.

Apart from the pink nose, you will notice their pink paw pads as beautiful as the pink feet of a newborn human infant. The shade stays consistent regardless of the pattern and gene domination.


The Maine Coon continues its legacy of pink aesthetics with its large pink ears. Some patterns may appear in a pale white shade but are always pink when you look over the threads.

Let's not forget that they have tufted ears, emphasizing the lynx-like structure and overwhelming threads. If you want these majestic ears at different stages of your cat, enroll in regular grooming and prevent problems like ear mites, yeast infections, etc.

Color Patterns Available in Cream Maine Coon for sale

Solid Cream Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

In color gamut, experts consider Solid when the shade is uniform without any gradient and markings. The Solid Cream Maine Coons implies the same logic and features a consistent shade of Cream throughout the coat.

While they can have uniform shades of shell cream and shady cream, you will see a neat and clean coat without any patterns. Also, a Solid Cream Coon requires specific genetics making it the rarest cat among all the patterns.

Cream and White Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Like their close ancestors, Cream Coons are also available in a bicolor pattern emphasizing the White. You will love the Cream top and White bottom combination as both shades complement each other.

These fashionable cats set a unique standard with their inconsistent presence of White. Most Cream and White Coons have a Cream face, whereas the White takes charge from the forehead in some cats.

Calico Cream Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Are you bored with one color? Don't you want two colors, either? Let's switch to an ultimate blend of three majestic shades! The Calico Cream Maine Coons imply authentic Calico colors such as Black, White, and Red but in their own swag.

Being a diluted cat, it adapts the calico colors in the diluted forms, making it Blue, White, and Cream. The White works as a base, whereas the mixture of Blue and Cream shades elevate the Maine Coon's personality.

Cream Tabby Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

If you think Cream Coons are not widespread, it means you are unknown about Cream Tabby Maine Coon kittens. They have a separate fanbase in the class, and the credit goes to the tabby markings on their shiny Cream coat.

From Brown to Deep Orange, tabby markings can be of any shade you see in Coon cats. It's worth mentioning that Cream Coons are available in every tabby pattern, whether you want a Classic or Mackerel tabby.

Blue-Cream Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Blue Cream or Gray-Cream Maine Coons are fan-favorite cats combining the two most beloved colors in the breed. Unlike Cream and White Coons, they don't have a specific placement of colors on the body.

You will notice the Blue or Gray color on the base, garnished with Cream patches throughout the coat. Besides this, the combination of Blue and Cream is also available in Blue-Cream Tortie Maine Coons featuring Gray patches on the Cream base.

Cream Smoke Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

Like every Maine Coon cat, Cream Coons also received the smoke shade in their legacy. The Cream is already a light shade and becomes more admirable when tipped on a pale undercoat.

While they certainly look like Solid Coons, you will see the beautiful white undercoat when they walk. Their movements reflect the pale undercoat frequently and make them the talk of the town wherever they go.

Are CreamMaine Coon Cats Rare?

While uncovering their existence and genetics, we already gave you an idea about their rarity. Cream Maine Coons are moderately rare, and their availability depends on the breeding process. Surprisingly, the Cream rarely occurs in Maine Coon naturally, but the breeders know the right way to make them easily available.

Maine Coon breeders like MasterCoons Cattery utilize WFA-registered programs and offer purebred Cream Maine Coon kittens for sale. You can easily review the documents, complete the adoption process, and deliver your kitten correctly.

Cream Maine Coon Kittens Price

Being a moderately rare cat, Cream Maine Coon is available at a reasonable price which is neither too high nor too low. The breeders price the cats in a specific price bracket and set the price according to their color patterns.

For instance, Solid Cream Maine Coon Kittens are significantly costlier than less rare patterns in color. Whichever pattern you choose, the price stake of Cream Coons won't break the bank for you!

The Bottom Line on Cream Maine Coon Kittens and Cats

The allure of Cream Maine Coon kittens extends beyond their striking appearance to encompass a delightful combination of intelligence, playfulness, and affection. As potential adopters consider inviting these enchanting felines into their homes, it's crucial to recognize the responsibilities of caring for such majestic companions.

Cream Maine Coon kittens offer not just a visual feast for cat enthusiasts but also a promise of enduring companionship and mutual joy. As we celebrate their elegance, we must approach adoption with a commitment to providing them with the love, space, and care they deserve.

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