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Elegance of Shaded Silver Maine Coon Kittens — Genetics, Appearance, Facts and More

Elegance of Shaded Silver Maine Coon Kittens — Genetics, Appearance, Facts and More
Aleksey Malov Director, MasterCoons Cattery

Silver adds glamor and modernity to everything, whether it is a car or jewelry. However, the elegance gets more glorified when it gets draped over the majestic form of a Silver Maine Coon cat. The Silver Shaded Maine Coon Cat stands out from other colored cats because of their distinctive multicolored coat.

While the Maine Coon breed is available in tawny, black, seal brown, blue-gray, cinnamon, and light fawn hues, Silver Shaded has its own standards. It’s a very uncommon and stunning variation of the Maine Coon breed, implying a beautiful fur that shades the smoke.

In this article, we will describe more about these fluffy Silver Shaded pets, including their genetics, appearance, and other facts. So get ready to dive into the magical world of these impressive kitties!

Genetics of a Shaded Silver Maine Coon

You will find cats of various colors, but the actual pigments are only two types: black (Eumelanin) and red (Pheomelanin). The pigment gene is on the X chromosome. Male Maine Coon cats have one X and one Y chromosome, whereas female cats have two X chromosomes.

Shaded Silver Maine Coons inherit their coat color from their parents through particular genes commonly known as the "silver gene." These cats can have modest to stunning shades of silver shading, depending on the combination of genes inherited from their parents. The inhibitor gene suppresses the yellow coloring of tabby cats.

This turns them a stunning white and gives them a "silver" appearance. Also, this gene determines how much of the hair follicle is white, differentiating between shaded and shell breeds. Shaded Silver Maine Coons are somewhat white, with around one-third of the hair being colored.

How Does a Shaded Silver Maine Coon Look Like?

Maine Coon Kittens

Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of Shaded Silver Maine Coon turns every head. The furs of these lovely, playful cats are shimmering Silver. The darker patches on these cat's faces, ears, and tails give them a more profound look and set them apart from other cats.

These cats' fur is soft and fluffy. They have well-proportioned, muscular bodies with sturdy bones to support their weight. They have large, slightly squared-off heads with tufted ears, and their tails are quite long and bushy.

Shades on other Body Parts

The dark patches on several body parts offer a strong visual impact, along with a stunning silver coat. These spots are mostly found on ears, tails, and around the face, which add to their appearance. Pink tufts will be visible at the tips of these cats' ears.

The nose color of Shaded Maine Coons is pink. And when you look into their eyes, you will find a beautiful golden hue that perfectly complements their pink paws. It's these little details that make the shaded Silver Maine Coons even more charming and delightful to behold.

Eyes of a Shaded Maine Coon

A Maine Coon with Shaded Silver Eyes has incredibly beautiful eyes. They are large enough to reveal a great deal about their emotional state. These eyes captivate with their fascinating look and can steal your heart without letting you know.

Yes, it's true that these cats are born with dark blue colored eyes, but that changes with their growing phase. The changes start around 4 to 8 weeks into their growth. After that, they get gold, yellow, or green eyes. These colored eyes look really amazing against their silver fur.

Colors Available in Shaded Silver Maine Coon

Red Silver Shaded Maine Coons

The red Maine coon kitten is one of the vibrate species of the Maine Coon breed. Red Silver Shaded Maine coons often have lively and affectionate personalities. When they move in sunlight, the Silver tipping fur creates a sparkling effect, adding to the visual impact.

The color intensity of these cats varies from a vibrant ginger hue to a softer and more subdued red. You will find them in different ranges, such as red-silver Maine coons, red tabby Maine coons, and red and white Maine coons. The upper coats of fur on red Silver Maine Coon cats are red, while the undercoat is white.

Cream Silver Shaded Maine Coons

If you like cream coloured cats, then Cream Silver Shaded Maine Coons are one to go. They are known for their gentle and sweet nature. Their base is off-white, and they have tortoiseshell patterns or tabby markings all over their bodies.

They love spending time with their family members. They normally have tufted ears and powerful muscular bodies. Their eyes are almond-shaped and massive and are typically gold or copper in color.

Black Silver Shaded Maine Coons

The Black Silver Shaded Maine Coons are known for their intelligence and confident demeanor. They remain curious to learn about their surroundings. They have a smokey gray or whitish-gray fur that offers a dramatic contrast.

They are often confused with black cats. They may display subtle tabby markings or appear solid black with silver tipping. The tips of the cat's hair are usually dark (black), and the bottom is much lighter in color. Their fur's silver tipping gives them depth and dimension, which produces a fascinating appearance.

Blue Silver Shaded Maine Coons

This is another popular variation of the Shaded Silver Maine Coon, which is quite popular among pet lovers. They have a blue-gray base and silver fur that results in a magnificent appearance. They could seem uniform blue with silver shading, or they could have a faint tabby pattern.

Sometimes the diluted genes of Silver Coons have less dominance, which causes Silver to have a light gray/blue shade. But these cats are easygoing and have a calm and friendly temperament. Observing their surroundings with curiosity is one of their unique traits.

Chinchilla Silver Shaded Maine Coons

Lastly, we will talk about Chinchilla Silver Shaded Maine Coons. These cats are known for elegance and grace. They carry themselves with dignity and poise; thus, they are also known for their refined demeanor. The base coats of these cats are generally white with silver shading that makes them look frosted.

Their look gets further enhanced with green or blue-green eyes. Due to the fact that one-third of their hair is colored, they rank second among Maine Coon Breed members with the least amount of "tipping."

Are Shaded Silver Maine Coon Kittens Rare?

Shaded Silver is indeed considered relatively rare in the world of Maine Coons. Depending on the breeding techniques and the demand for a particular color, this rarity can vary. Shaded silver Maine coons are less common than specific other colors, such as brown tabby or pure black.

Red Silver Shaded and Cream Silver Shaded are the most popular shaded silver varieties and are easily found. The Chinchilla, or Shell Silver Shaded Maine Coon, holds the title of being the rarest of them all.

Yes, their pale, almost white base coat and striking silver coloring are truly beautiful to behold. However, they are less common to see because of the labor-intensive process.

The Bottom Line

Maine Coon Kittens

Shaded Silver Maine Coon kittens are beautiful and a sight to behold. The color of their coat and striking eyes all reflect elegance and grace. Their color and appearance make them stand out from other breeds of cats.

It's important to ensure your Maine Coon remains healthy and happy by understanding their behaviors and needs. You can nurture their playful and affectionate nature by providing proper care and attention, bringing joy and warmth to your home.

The next time you encounter a Shaded Silver Maine Coon kitten, take a moment to appreciate their stunning beauty and marvel at the wonders of nature's artistic creations. They are genuinely masterpieces to cherish and adore.

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