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Is it Okay to Shave a Maine Coon Cat? — Pros, Cons, and Tips

Is it Okay to Shave a Maine Coon Cat? — Pros, Cons, and Tips
Aleksey Malov Director, MasterCoons Cattery

With a beautifully dense fur coat, Maine Coons hold the place as one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. They are famed for their fluffy coats, which require regular grooming. However, some owners want to shave their Maine Coon cats for a variety of reasons, including health, weather, and styling.

Shaving a Maine Coon cat can help minimize shedding, avoid matting, and keep it cool throughout the summer. It can also facilitate grooming and lessen the likelihood of hairballs. However, before shaving your cat, you must understand the various risks and factors.

Before you change your elegant Maine Coon into a sleek short-haired feline, let's go over the benefits and drawbacks. In this blog, we will look at the world of shaved Maine Coons and compare the advantages, against the disadvantages of shaving.

So, let’s get started!

Why Should You Shave Your Maine Coon Cat?

Maine Coon Kittens

Convenient Hygiene

Shaving your Maine Coon cat can enhance their hygiene by eliminating the possibility of matting and tangling in their lengthy fur. This can make grooming sessions more manageable and time-efficient for both you and your cat.

Shorter hair makes it easier to identify and treat skin disorders or bugs, keeping your cat's skin clean and healthy. Furthermore, a shaved coat improves airflow, reducing the likelihood of skin irritation and discomfort.

Fleas Infestation

Shaving your Maine Coon cat might help prevent flea infestations. Fleas often hide in dense fur, which makes them difficult to identify and remove. Shaving your cat's coat removes potential flea-hiding spots and allows you to apply flea medications directly to the skin.

This helps eliminate existing fleas and prevent new infestations, keeping your cat free of flea bites' discomfort and health hazards.

Matted Fur

Maine Coon cats have luxuriant, silky fur, but without appropriate maintenance, their coats can get matted. Matting happens when loose hair tangles and produces tight knots, which can be irritating and even painful for your cat.

Thus shaving your Maine Coon cat eliminates extra hair and prevents tangles from growing. Keeping your cat's fur trimmed and well-maintained will ensure comfort and encourage a healthy coat.

Maine Coon Hair Styling

Some Maine Coon owners choose to shave their cats to keep their fur under control, while others prefer to style their cats' hair to maintain their unique look. When you style your cat's hair, you trim and shape the fur to keep it neat and well-groomed.

Trimming the hair around the Maine Coon ears, paws, and tail and shaping the mane and ruff can be part of this. You can change how your Maine Coon looks by brushing their hair, which also keeps their coat healthy and easy to care for.

Medical Procedure

Shaving a Maine Coon cat might be required as part of a medical procedure. If the cat needs surgery or medical care that requires access to certain parts of the body, shaving the fur in that area may be necessary to guarantee adequate hygiene and facilitate the process.

In addition, a veterinarian may recommend shaving to treat certain skin problems or infections. While shaving for medical reasons is usually done under the supervision of a veterinarian, it can benefit the cat's overall health and well-being.

Pros and Cons of a Shaved Maine Coon Cat


  • Enhanced cleanliness: For Maine Coons with special needs, shaving can make grooming easier and help avoid matting.

  • Fewer hairballs: Less fur means fewer hairballs, which is good for both the cat and the owner.

  • Comfort in the heat: In warm weather, a shorter coat might help you stay from overheating.

  • Simpler application of medication: Shaving can make applying topical therapies for skin disorders easier.


  • Risk of injury: Shaving needs skill to prevent cuts to the skin. Professional groomers are an excellent resource for owners with little skill.

  • Reduced protection: A cat's fur shields it from temperature fluctuations, and shaving can make it more vulnerable to them.

  • The natural defense lost: Fur provides shade from the heat and wards against parasites. Shaving raises the possibility of infections and sunburn.

  • Skin irritation: Shaving can aggravate pre-existing conditions or cause new ones. Before shaving, always visit a veterinarian.

  • Changes in behavior: Shaved cats may exhibit anxiety or self-consciousness, which could influence their behavior.

Top 5 Haircuts for Maine Coon Cats in 2024

Maine Coon Kittens

Maine Coon Cat Lion Cut

This spiky cut is lovely in addition to helping your spirited small cat connect with its enormous predatory ancestry! Apart from all of that, it's a valuable haircut for cats with long hair. The most common application of the lion cut is the removal of matting from a cat's underbelly.

It involves shaving the coat to the body, leaving the head, foot, and tail untrimmed. Additionally, the Maine coon cat lion cut name comes from the fur left down to the shoulders, creating the impression of a lion's mane!

Although cats with any length of coat can have this cut, long-haired cats are more likely to have it done because of their propensity to become matted. It can also help manage hairball problems caused by an overgrooming cat and excessive cat fur shedding around the house.

Maine Coon Cat Dragon Cut

This cut is now just recreational! The dragon haircuts for Maine Coon cats give a little something extra to make your Maine Coon cat the talk of the neighborhood, even though the basic idea of the cut is the same as a lion cut. Basically, the groom consists of shaving the entire body, leaving the head, feet, and tail untrimmed.

A hair trail connects the head and tail fur along the spine to top it off. After that, this fur is formed into shapes that resemble scales. It combines style and utility to create a really unique hairstyle for your pet.

Maine Coon Cat Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy cuts are less of a standalone hairstyle and more of a grooming complement to other cuts. The term "teddy cut" describes how the fur around the face is shaped to resemble an adorable teddy bear. You can add this shaping if any cuts leave the fur surrounding the head.

Using the teddy cut, you can add shape to a lion cut, kitten clip, or comb clip. It means it’s a versatile haircut and opening so many ways for Maine Coon hairstyling.

Maine Coon Cat Panther Cut

The panther cut is one more severe variation of the lion cut. After the lion chop, there is still a fair amount of fur over the shoulders and around the head. A panther cut, on the other hand, removes as much hair as possible from the head, leaving only the barest minimum.

Even though they are only marginally different, the panther cuts have a bigger effect than the lion cut because of how dramatically the fur meets the skin, while the lion cut tries to hide the difference. The panther shave is the closest a cat can get to a full shave, but it's termed that way to cheer them up a little!

Maine Coon Cat Comb Cut

One of the most common cat "hair-dos" is the comb cut. This groom trims the length of the coat's main body while leaving the typical hair around the head, tail, and feet. Cats that don't currently have any knots or mats can only get the comb clipped.

But in the first place, the cut controls medium- to long-haired coats, which helps avoid mats. For short-haired cats, a comb cut can remove a tiny bit of fur to help keep them cool in the summer, while this cut works best on cats with longer coats.

Senior cats can also benefit significantly from comb cuts because the comb does not come into contact with their delicate skin. Additionally, it stays away from the limbs, which can be challenging to move and painful for grooming.

How to Trim Your Maine Coon Cat?

Give it a Bath

First and foremost, clean fur is easy to trim and safe for your Maine Coon. Carefully wash your Maine Coon cat with lukewarm water and shampoo made just for cats to clean its fur and get rid of any dirt or oils that might get in the way of the cutting.

Make its Fur Dry

After bathing your cat, use a towel or a low-heat blow dryer to dry its fur completely. Ensure the fur is fully dry before trimming because wet fur can mat. We recommend using cat-friendly equipment to dry your Maine Coon and get ready for the next step.

Brush the Fur

With a metal comb, work your way through their fur's undercoat. Do the same thing for the coating as you did for the mattes, if you can. If they have any knots in their fur, work down from the head to the tail until the fur is nice and soft.

Trim or Shave the Fur

Cut off with hair scissors any knots or mattes that you couldn't brush out from around the Maine Coons' tufts. On the Maine Coon cat's chest and stomach, you can often find knots and matting.

Do not forget to trim any hairs getting in the way, and pay close attention to their feet. Additionally, you will need to trim any matted hairs that are between their toes. But watch out! Toes that are very sensitive make them easily hurt.

Consult a Hairstylist

For advice and professional help, you might want to talk to a skilled pet groomer or hair stylist who has experience grooming Maine Coon cats. They can give you professional tips on cleaning your cat and suggest styles matching its coat type and personality.

The Bottom Line

Maine Coon Kittens

In conclusion, unless there is a medical reason or the cat is extremely matted, shaving a Maine Coon cat is not advised. Their heavy coat serves as both a natural defense against the weather and a means of controlling body temperature. Regular brushing and grooming will maintain their coat healthy and help avoid matting.

Recall that Maine Coon cats are renowned for their striking beauty and gorgeous, long hair. Shaving them could change how they look and detract from their inherent attractiveness. Thus, enjoy your Maine Coon cat's majestic presence in your home and allow them to keep their magnificent mane unless absolutely required.

Thank you for reading our articles and joining us in our Maine Coon kitten adventure! As the Director of this Maine Coon kitten cattery, I’d like to introduce myself and share some insights about our cattery.

My passion for Maine Coon cats ignited years ago when I welcomed my first Maine Coon kitten into my home. Their charismatic personalities, stunning appearance, and loving nature captured my heart, leading me to establish this cattery. Here, we prioritize the well-being, health, and happiness of our Maine Coon kittens. We uphold rigorous breeding standards, ensuring they are raised in a nurturing environment and socialized well. Our commitment extends to responsible breeding practices and collaboration with experienced veterinarians to maintain their health.

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Director, MasterCoons Cattery

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