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Maine Coon Litter Box - How to Choose the Right One?

Maine Coon Litter Box - How to Choose the Right One?
Aleksey Malov Director, MasterCoons Cattery

Are you the happy owner of a Maine Coon and want to know which litter box is best for your furry friend? Don't look any further! Picking the correct litter box is very important for the health and happiness of your Maine Coon.

It's essential to choose a litter box that fits the needs of these beautiful cats because they are big and have unique habits. In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know to make the right choice.

We'll talk about every essential factor to think about, from Maine coon litter box preferences and how easy it is to clean up to size and style.

Do Maine Coons Require Larger Litter Box?

Yes, Maine Coons require larger litter boxes because of their size. Maine Coons are one of the most giant domestic cat breeds, with bigger bodies and longer limbs than other breeds. As a result, they require more significant space to move and waste in their litter box comfortably.

A larger litter box allows your Maine Coon to easily turn around, dig, and cover their waste without feeling cramped or limited. This promotes excellent litter habits and reduces accidents outside the litter box. Ultimately, investing in a giant litter box is essential for addressing your Maine Coon's requirements while also keeping the area clean.

Tips to Choose the Right Maine Coon Litter Box

Maine Coon Kittens

1.5x Size of Your Cat

Size is most important when choosing a litter box for your Maine Coon. There should be at least 1.5 times as much space in the box as your cat is long, from nose to tail base. Your cat can move around and turn around quickly in this large area.

A bigger litter box keeps litter from getting everywhere and lets your Maine Coon use it without any problems. By following these guidelines, you can give your Maine Coon a litter box that meets their needs and is suitable for their health and cleanliness as a whole.

High Build Quality

Put durability first when choosing a litter box for your Maine Coon. Choose a durable box that is well-built and made of strong materials like anti-stick plastic or stainless steel. Maine Coons are giant cats, so their litter boxes need to be strong enough to hold their weight and movement. Buying a good box will make it last longer and keep you from having to change it as often.

While your cat uses the litter box, it should be strong enough to last. A solid litter box will also give your cat a safe place to do their business. Invest in a long-lasting litter box for your Maine Coon, and you'll both be glad you did.

High Sides

When picking out a litter box for your Maine Coon, make sure it has high sides to keep litter from going out and make less of a mess. Cats that like to stand while they urinate will benefit from litter boxes with high sides, which keep the pee inside the box.

If you use a high-sided litter box with low-tracking litter and a litter mat, the litter will not track as much around your house. By keeping the mess in the box, you and your cat will have to clean up less and be less tense. Purchase a litter box with high sides to make the area cleaner and more comfortable for both you and your Maine Coon.

Accessible Entryway

Make sure the litter box you choose for your Maine Coon has an entryway that is convenient for cats of different shapes, sizes, and mobility. Look for styles with high walls and an open top with a cutout or dropped doorway. This arrangement keeps your cat's mess and tracking inside the box while making it easy for your cat to get in.

By picking a litter box with an easy-to-reach opening, you can be sure that your Maine Coon will be able to use it without any problems. This will improve your Maine Coons' health and hygiene and make cleanup more accessible for you.

Open Top for Ventilation and Visibility

Select an open-top litter box for your Maine Coon to allow airflow and easy viewing. Open-top litter boxes let air move freely, which keeps moisture from building up and smells from spreading. To effectively control smells, this design promotes daily cleaning.

Cats also feel safer and more at ease when they can see what's happening around them while going to the bathroom. Open-top litter boxes let you know what's going on inside, which is especially important if you have more than one cat to keep your Maine Coon safe and help them have a stress-free litter box experience.

Easy-to-Clean Design

Give cleaning convenience top priority when choosing a litter box for your Maine Coon. Look for litter boxes that have an anti-stick coating, a smooth bowl, and cleaning tools that come with them to make it easier to scoop every day. It's straightforward to clean and keep an eye on open-top litter boxes, which makes upkeep quick and easy.

Covered litter boxes, on the other hand, may need more effort and focus from cat owners to ensure they are clean. Choose an easy-to-clean litter box for your Maine Coon to make cleaning it faster and easier while still keeping the area clean.

Types of Maine Coon Litter Boxes We Recommend

Storage Container with Makeshift Hole

The Storage Container with Makeshift Hole is a popular choice among Maine Coon owners due to its size and height versatility. Even though it wasn't made to be a litter box, it's a popular choice because it's so helpful. Most of the time, it's a plastic storage bin with a lid used for something else, like storing Christmas ornaments or unused china sets.

Cutting a hole with a knife or razor blade lets you get in, but you must be careful not to spill litter. Some people choose a hole in the top that allows the cat's head to stick out, while others prefer a hole in the side. Ensuring the hole's bottom is raised keeps trash from getting out while it's being used.

Stainless Steel Litter Pan

The Stainless Steel Litter Pan is a great option for Maine Coon owners who want a stable litter box. Its 6" high sides keep litter inside, so digging or pushing hard won't cause it to spill out. Rubber mats on the bottom stabilize the pan and stop it from moving around while it's being used.

The stainless steel design not only makes it last longer but also makes it easy to clean, which ensures hygiene and longevity. With its well-thought-out design and non-slip mats, and high sides, this litter pan is a valuable and effective way to meet the needs of more giant breeds like the Maine Coon.

XL Litter Box

The XL Litter Box is precisely sized to accommodate huge Maine Coons. With side pockets for easy access, you can store valuable things like scoopers, bags, and cleaning wipes. This box works well with most types of litter. To keep the bottom from getting spots and scratch marks, it's best to keep the litter at a reasonable depth so cats can dig easily.

For the best coverage and cleanliness, you should use about 14 to 15 pounds of litter since Maine Coons tend to make a lot of waste. A good layer of litter makes it easier to cover all of the trash, which improves cleanliness and reduces smells.

How Often Should You Scoop the Litter Box Maine Coon?

While Maine Coons are known for being intelligent and elegant, they are also very clean, which is a trait felines share. It is essential to clean out the Maine Coon litter box at least once a day to make sure the cats are comfortable and healthy.

But if your Maine Coon has diarrhea, you need to scoop more often, ideally several times a day, to keep it clean and keep it from being uncomfortable. Adding this to your morning routine only takes a few minutes but will help keep the litter box Maine Coon clean and comfortable for your cat.

By doing this, you not only keep your Maine Coon's living space clean, but you also create a peaceful setting that is good for their health and happiness as a whole. We recommend buying a large cat litter scoop for better hygiene and litter box management.

The Bottom Line

Maine Coon Kittens

Selecting the right Maine Coon litter box is essential for both their comfort and yours. Size is significant, but don't forget about things like how long it will last and how easy it is to clean. Choose a robust and high-quality box that can handle the weight and size of your cat.

Also, think about what your cat likes when it comes to the style of the door and the type of litter. You can ensure your Maine Coon cat feels safe and comfortable using the litter box by putting their needs and wants first.  Ultimately, picking the correct litter box will help your cat improve its littering habits and make your home a better place for both of you.

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