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Health Warranty for European Maine Coon Kittens — Do You Really Need it?

Health Warranty for European Maine Coon Kittens — Do You Really Need it?
Aleksey Malov Director, MasterCoons Cattery

Adopting a European Maine Coon is about having a happy, healthy, and playful feline companion. While Maine Coons may have common health conditions, some things can be assured and can fall under the warranty.

Now, you might be wondering how a cat can have a warranty for being a living creature. The answer lies behind their assured health aspects such as vaccination and more. A purebred Maine Coon breeder in the US should give you multiple years of warranty, ensuring protection in your investment in your cat’s adoption and expected lifespan.

Well, the health warranty on European Maine Coon kittens is more extensive than just vaccination and health records. This informative article will unravel things covered under a cat warranty and why you must have it. Let’s start by understanding what a kitten's health warranty is and see what comes around!

DISCLAIMER: “We are not licensed attorneys and the information on this page is for recreational purposes only. You are responsible for engaging your legal counsel for all legal related advice and legal matters you partake in.”

What is a Kitten Health Warranty?

As the name describes, a kitten health warranty is an assurance of a kitten’s health for a certain period after the purchase. Maine Coon breeders provide this warranty as a coverage of if there were certain kinds of health issues that may arise during that time frame.

When you buy a purebred Maine Coon Kitten for sale, you can expect benefits to protect your financial investment in the acquisition of the kitten. However, you must know that health warranty and its benefits can depend on the breeder’s policies and the terms of the kitten adoption.

We recommend prospective kitten owners to carefully review the terms of any healthy warranty before making a purchase. For better clarity, MasterCoons Cattery provides a written health warranty highlighted in the adoption contract featuring transparent terms and conditions as well as an explanation of the warranty claims process and documentation needed.

Why Do You Need a Health Warranty on Maine Coon Kittens?

Undoubtedly, Maine Coons are healthy and reputable breeders ensure the optimal health with proper norms. But these giant cats are one of the most expensive felines because of their rarity and incredible traits.

Buying a Maine Coon is an investment in lifetime companionship, and you won’t expect unnecessary fatal flaws in it. That’s where the warranty comes up as a lifesaver and provides financial assurances in case of unexpected health issues.

Also, it implies the breeder’s confidence in the kitten's health and breeding programs. Reputable Maine Coon breeders like MasterCoons Cattery can provide up to a 10-year congenital health warranty, with all details and terms and conditions specified in the Kitten Adoption Contract. That’s because they prioritize the health and well-being of the kittens and take extensive measures to provide you with an excellent feline companion. Remember, all living creatures are born and pass away, and no human being has a crystal ball for predicting or promising longevity of living creatures!

Things Covered Under a Maine Coon Health Warranty

Maine Coon Kittens

Genetic Health Guarantee

Maine Coons as well as all other breeds of cats are prone to have genetic defects that may potentially affect their overall health. Maine Coon breeders conduct various genetic and health testing through their veterinary provider to try to detect and prevent unhealthy parent cats in the breeding program and bloodline.

This greatly reduces the probability of your Maine Coon kitten having an inherited health problem. However, all living creatures undergo mutations when reproducing and biologically there is still a possibility for healthy adults who tested negative to give birth to kittens with a health problem or genetic deformity.

This is why it is important that reputable Maine Coon breeders stand behind their kittens with a Genetic/Hereditary Health Guarantee for unexpected issues.

Initial Veterinary Examination

In addition to genetic testing, responsible Maine Coon breeders also conduct proper veterinary examinations. It assesses the kitten’s overall health and checks for any signs of illness or abnormalities before putting the kitten for sale and before the kitten begins traveling to a new home.

This exam is documented by an instrument called a “Health Certificate” or “Veterinary Passport”. MasterCoons Cattery provides this documentation along with the kitten at delivery.

Vaccination and Deworming Records

When it comes to buying a cat, everyone is concerned about the common diseases and parasites found in felines. For instance, rabies, feline calicivirus, GI parasites and kennel cough are the most common conditions.

That’s why a Maine Coon kitten’s health warranty includes records of up to date vaccinations and deworming treatments and fecal exam/testing. Not only does it keep your kitten protected from these common ailments, but it also gives you peace of mind and enjoy your feline companionship.

Certificate of Health

Another thing to expect in your Maine Coon kitten’s health warranty is the Health Certificate from a veterinarian. A reputable purebred Maine Coon breeder in the US should provide it as an official document of the kitten's health status prior to the kitten’s travels.

The certificate may include everything discussed above and is signed by a licensed veterinarian. It means that the kitten has gone through a physical health examination by a professional and appears to be reliably healthy.

Exclusions and Limitations

It's essential for the health warranty to specify any conditions or circumstances that are not covered, as well as any limitations on the duration or extent of coverage. For example, certain problems resulting from neglect or injury after purchase will be excluded from coverage. It would be unfair to the Maine Coon breeder to be responsible for environmental or care related issues that are outside of the breeder’s control and the responsibility of the buyer.

Additionally, there may be a time limit within which the buyer must report any health issues to qualify for coverage under the warranty. Providing clarity on exclusions and limitations in a written health warranty helps manage expectations and prevents misunderstandings between the buyer and the breeder.

Our Exclusive 10-Year Warranty on Every Purebred Maine Coon Kitten for Sale

Maine Coon Kittens

Being a reputable purebred Maine Coon breeder in the US, MasterCoons Cattery understands the value of kitten warranty. When you trust us and get a purebred Maine Coon kitten for sale, we make it count with an exclusive 10-year health warranty.

It’s more our confidence in the kitten’s optimal health and wellness than just a piece of document. You get a legitimate contract in writing with a limited 10-year warranty and its terms and conditions.

Whether it’s about coverage or limitations, everything is mentioned right up front in the contract for better transparency. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the health warranty, you can directly communicate with our team and get them resolved.

One thing you must know is adopting a kitten brings responsibilities for both breeder and the client. Undoubtedly, we serve our part as mentioned in the contract, but you would like to know your responsibilities as an adopter.

Register the Kitten’s Microchip

The first thing to do after buying one of our European Maine Coon kittens is to register your kitten’s microchip at It will form as a formal online registration of the transfer of ownership, and allow third parties to find the new adopter’s contact information in the event the kitten runs away or is stolen.

If an emergency responder, veterinarian or animal shelter locates your kitten, they can use a microchip reader device to scan your kitten's unique 15 digit microchip number. Then, this number will be looked up in online databases such as, and the contact information you provided as the new adopter can be located.

Adjustment Period

The first three weeks are considered an “adjustment period” as the kitten slowly observes things and adapts to the new environment. Avoid bringing your Maine Coon kitten into contact with other pets and let it take its rest instead of overwhelming it out of excitement.

Licensed Veterinary

Like human beings, kittens need regular health checkups and medications in case of any health concerns. Adopters should always visit a licensed veterinary expert to keep the kitten under warranty.

Don’t Hold the Kitten Excessively

European Maine Coon kittens may quickly get over-exhausted and experience blood sugar drops. Especially for the first 72 hours, please don’t hold your kitten excessively or let it run around the house too much.

Feeding and Pet Care

Lastly, a client should closely monitor the kitten’s eating, drinking, and excretion routine for any changes in regularity. Do not immediately change the kitten's diet or feed it human foods, as it can be poisonous for your lovely pet.

The Bottom Line About Maine Coon Health Warranty

Maine Coon Kittens

In a nutshell, getting a health warranty for your European Maine Coon kitten is like wrapping them in a cozy blanket of assurance. It's all about ensuring their well-being and your peace of mind. It's a comprehensive safety net provided by caring breeders like MasterCoons Cattery.

They're so confident in their kittens' health that they offer warranties lasting up to a whopping ten years! And remember, after bringing your furry friend home, it's all about teamwork. Refer to your Maine Coon kitten contract for all terms and conditions, and enjoy a lovely pet experience.

DISCLAIMER: “We are not licensed attorneys and the information on this page is for recreational purposes only. You are responsible for engaging your legal counsel for all legal related advice and legal matters you partake in.”

Thank you for reading our articles and joining us in our Maine Coon kitten adventure! As the Director of this Maine Coon kitten cattery, I’d like to introduce myself and share some insights about our cattery.

My passion for Maine Coon cats ignited years ago when I welcomed my first Maine Coon kitten into my home. Their charismatic personalities, stunning appearance, and loving nature captured my heart, leading me to establish this cattery. Here, we prioritize the well-being, health, and happiness of our Maine Coon kittens. We uphold rigorous breeding standards, ensuring they are raised in a nurturing environment and socialized well. Our commitment extends to responsible breeding practices and collaboration with experienced veterinarians to maintain their health.

Our blog serves as a valuable resource for Maine Coon cat enthusiasts, offering tips on care, grooming, and delightful insights into their unique traits. We appreciate your support and encourage you to reach out with any questions or comments. Thank you for being a part of our Maine Coon kitten community; your engagement means the world to us. We look forward to sharing more about these magnificent cats in our upcoming blog posts.

Warm regards,

Aleksey Malov

Director, MasterCoons Cattery

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