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Emily & Manchester Lynx's LitterLitter born on:  February 23, 2024
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Emily & Manchester Lynx's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Noah Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Bridgitte Bardot & Cosmo's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Beatreace Availablefemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Esenia & Jeep's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Liam Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Britney Availablefemale
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Daisy & Manchester Lynx's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Caleb Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Travis Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Brendan Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Neil Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Adopt with peace of mind

Assigned Kitten International Delivery Concierge

Our team handles white glove delivery services from Our Home to Your Home, crossing international borders and handling all logistics with US Customs and Border Protection, airlines and ground transporters.

Certified TICA Outstanding Cattery & WFO Accredited

Each Kitten is inspected by an official judge of our World Felinology Organization local member club, and issued an Official Pedigree documenting bloodline. Learn more about our credentials

Up to Date Full Vaccination

All core kitten vaccination rounds are complete, including rabies vaccine, and on time by our expert veterinary partners.

10 Year Health Warranty

World Class Confidence, Health Testing, and Veterinary Protocols in our Breeding Program allows us to provide an unmatched 10 Year Limited Health Guarantee** included with every kitten adoption

Healthy Parents = Healthy Kittens

Our expert veterinary partners provide our European Maine Coon Cattery with an ongoing regiment of health monitoring and testing for our adult Maine Coon Queens & Sires as well as our Maine Coon Kittens.


ISO compliant international microchip, implanted by our expert veterinary partners. Allows your kitten to travel with you internationally and remain identifiable in case of separation.

Home Raised and Socialization Program

Our kittens are raised at home from Day 1, receiving healthy doses of socialization and comfort with humans for a successful future adoption

Neutered/Spayed Castration

All our adoptions are strictly for companionship, we do not permit adopters to breed our kittens unless specifically approved. Our expert veterinary partners handle the neuter/spay castration procedure, saving the hassle for the new Maine Coon Kitten parent!

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Maine Coon cats are named after the state of Maine, where they originated. These stylish felines are thought to have evolved naturally in the harsh Maine climate, showing their resilience and unique characteristics. The term "Coon" may refer to their bushy, raccoon-like tails, which contribute to their distinct attractiveness.

Enjoy the delight of having a furry buddy in your home with our cute Maine Coon kittens for sale in Maine! These active and sociable kittens are looking for loving families of their own. Maine Coons are well known for their prominent personalities and compassionate attitude, making them excellent companions for people of any age.

Our kittens are nurtured with care and affection, so they are healthy and ready to bring joy into your house. Take the first step toward a lifetime of cuddling and joy with our adorable kittens—your new kitty companion awaits you!

How to Buy a Maine Coon Kitten in Maine?

Maine Coon Kittens

Explore the Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in Maine

We keep updating our Maine Coon Kittens for Sale page frequently and maintain an excellent catalog for you. So, first and foremost, explore the Maine Coon Kittens for Adoption in Maine and select a cute kitten that wins your heart.

Become a Pre-Approved Guardian

Being registered Maine Coon breeders in Maine, we require prospective buyers to fill out an application describing their living conditions, pet experience, and willingness to care for a Maine Coon kitten. The pre-approval process assures a suitable match and proves your aptitude for responsible ownership.

Complete the Registration

This form collects important information about your living conditions and preferences. It's a simple but essential step toward bringing an excellent Maine Coon kitten into your house, making the experience more memorable and joyful. You will get a written contract for e-signature with proper terms and conditions for better authenticity.

Enjoy a White Glove Delivery

Once the adoption process is complete and your Maine Coon kitten is ready to join your family, this service provides a stress-free and carefully scheduled delivery right to your home. MasterCoons Cattery has tied up with USDA-registered cat transporters to deliver your Maine Coon cat to New York safely and securely.

Why Choose MasterCoons Cattery for Maine Coon Kittens in Maine?

Well-Established Maine Coon Cattery in Maine, USA

MasterCoons Cattery stands out as a reliable and experienced source for Maine Coon kittens in Maine. Our cattery, with accreditation to the World Felinology Organization (WFO), is committed to offering a dependable and fun experience.

Count on us for healthy, well-socialized kittens raised in a caring home. We take pleasure in our long-standing participation in the community, ensuring that our Maine Coon kittens are more than just pets but beloved family members.

Optimal Kitten Health

Choosing MasterCoons Cattery for your Maine Coon kitten offers the best possible health and well-being. We prioritize our kittens' physical and mental well-being by carefully breeding processes and providing frequent veterinarian treatment.

Our dedication to optimal kitten health ensures that your furry companion is not only cute but also bright and healthy. We also provide a 10-year kitten health warranty with a written contract as a backup to your investment.

Exceptional Perks

Choosing MasterCoons Cattery ensures that you and your Maine Coon kitten receive outstanding benefits. Our commitment goes beyond providing a loving companion; we also offer additional benefits to improve your experience.

We put ISO-compliant microchipped Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in Maine. Not only will it help you identify your kitten after separation, but it also includes information about pedigree and health warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maine Coon Kittens for Adoption in Maine

Maine Coon Kittens

Where to Find Maine Coon Kittens in Maine?

You can find Maine Coon kittens for sale in Maine right here at MasterCoons Cattery. We specialize in offering healthy and well-socialized Maine Coon kittens that are ready to become cherished members of your family.

How Much Does a Maine Coon Kitten Cost in Maine?

The cost of a Maine Coon kitten in Maine can vary depending on various factors such as pedigree, age, and gender. At MasterCoons Cattery, we strive to offer competitive pricing for our kittens while ensuring their health and well-being. Please reach out to MasterCoons Cattery directly for current pricing information.

What is the Availability of Maine Coon Kittens in Maine?

We work hard to maintain a consistent availability of Maine Coon kittens for sale in Maine. However, as demand may fluctuate and each litter is unique, we encourage you to explore our current selection on our website or contact us directly for the most up-to-date information.

Are Maine Coon Kittens Suitable for Maine’s Climate?

Absolutely! Maine Coon cats are renowned for their resilience and adaptability, traits that have developed from their origins in the harsh climate of Maine. These cats thrive in a variety of environments, including Maine's climate, and make wonderful companions for individuals and families alike.