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Find Maine Coon kittens for sale in Alameda, California at MasterCoons Cattery. Discover your new feline family member from our trusted and reputable European Maine Coon breeder today!
Emily & Manchester Lynx's LitterLitter born on:  February 23, 2024
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Emily & Manchester Lynx's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Noah Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Bridgitte Bardot & Cosmo's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Beatreace Availablefemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Esenia & Jeep's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Liam Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Britney Availablefemale
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Daisy & Manchester Lynx's Litter
Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Caleb Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Travis Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Brendan Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
Neil Availablemale
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Registered Maine Coon Kitten
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Adopt with peace of mind

Assigned Kitten International Delivery Concierge

Our team handles white glove delivery services from Our Home to Your Home, crossing international borders and handling all logistics with US Customs and Border Protection, airlines and ground transporters.

Certified TICA Outstanding Cattery & WFO Accredited

Each Kitten is inspected by an official judge of our World Felinology Organization local member club, and issued an Official Pedigree documenting bloodline. Learn more about our credentials

Up to Date Full Vaccination

All core kitten vaccination rounds are complete, including rabies vaccine, and on time by our expert veterinary partners.

10 Year Health Warranty

World Class Confidence, Health Testing, and Veterinary Protocols in our Breeding Program allows us to provide an unmatched 10 Year Limited Health Guarantee** included with every kitten adoption

Healthy Parents = Healthy Kittens

Our expert veterinary partners provide our European Maine Coon Cattery with an ongoing regiment of health monitoring and testing for our adult Maine Coon Queens & Sires as well as our Maine Coon Kittens.


ISO compliant international microchip, implanted by our expert veterinary partners. Allows your kitten to travel with you internationally and remain identifiable in case of separation.

Home Raised and Socialization Program

Our kittens are raised at home from Day 1, receiving healthy doses of socialization and comfort with humans for a successful future adoption

Neutered/Spayed Castration

All our adoptions are strictly for companionship, we do not permit adopters to breed our kittens unless specifically approved. Our expert veterinary partners handle the neuter/spay castration procedure, saving the hassle for the new Maine Coon Kitten parent!

Our adoption process

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Invite a Maine Coon kitten into your home, and get ready to be showered with love and devotion. Maine Coons, known for their gregarious disposition and playful antics, build close ties with both humans and other pets. These kittens have distinctive physical features that set them apart from other cat breeds.

They are occasionally born with additional toes, a disorder termed polydactyly. These additional toes, which resemble thumbs, can give them a unique look and are sometimes called "mitten paws." While not all Maine Coons exhibit this characteristic, it is relatively frequent among the breed. These kittens can thrive anywhere in a metropolitan city or the countryside.

You can now buy a Maine coon kitten in City with MasterCoons Cattery. Whether you want a devoted lap cat or an adventurous playmate, Maine Coon kittens will become valued members of your family. Find Maine coon kittens for sale in with MasterCoons Cattery and take home your favorite kitten.

MasterCoons Cattery — Reputable Maine Coon Breeder in Alameda, California

MasterCoons Cattery is well-known for producing healthy, well-socialized Maine coon kittens for adoption with remarkable pedigrees. We carefully choose our breeding pairings to ensure each litter's health, temperament, and beauty, prioritizing quality above quantity. Here, you will find only purebred Maine Coon kittens for adoption in .

Our committed team guarantees that each kitten receives the highest care and attention from birth until they are ready to go to their permanent homes. We rear our kittens in a loving home environment. Whether you're looking for a loyal friend or a potential show champion, you can find Maine coon kittens for sale in at MasterCoons cattery.

With our dedication to quality and love for Maine Coons, we endeavor to make your adoption as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Discover the MasterCoons difference now and start on a feline friendship adventure unlike any other.

Why Choose MasterCoons Cattery to Buy a Maine Coon Kitten in Alameda, California?

Maine Coon Kittens

Genuine Lineage of 100% European Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in Alameda

Uncover our 100% European Maine Coon kittens for sale in . As a reputed Maine coon breeder, our kittens have real ancestry and flawless pedigrees owing to their European origin. Our lineage is rooted in European lineage, assuring the purest bloodlines and excellent characteristics.

Each kitten represents the spirit of authentic Maine Coon quality, owing to its dedication to preserving the breed's purity. Opt to enhance your kitty experience with a Maine Coon kitten from MasterCoons, where European history meets unrivaled company.

10-Year Kitten Health Warranty on Every Maine Coon in Alameda

MasterCoons Cattery is confident in the health and well-being of its Maine Coon kittens. Every owner emphasizes having a healthy kitten that will put their minds at ease and to enjoy each other's companionship for a long time.

Keeping this in our thoughts, we provide a 10-year health warranty to give you peace of mind and confidence in your new feline buddy. Our dedication to quality goes beyond adoption day, ensuring that your kitten's health remains our top focus for years to come.

Safe and Secure Maine Coon Delivery in Alameda

MasterCoons Cattery prioritizes the safety and protection of your Maine Coon kitten throughout the delivery process. We guarantee a smooth and stress-free Maine Coon transportation experience by meticulously arranging and paying attention to everything.

From departure until arrival, our committed USDA-registered professionals adhere to stringent regulations to ensure each kitten's safety. Rest assured that your prized Maine Coon will be delivered to you on your doorstep in with great care and skill. Have peace of mind knowing that your new furry family member is in capable hands.

Ongoing Support and Guidance

It is essential to find Maine coon kittens in from a trusted source. MasterCoons Cattery offers continuous assistance and coaching to guarantee a smooth transition for both you and your Maine Coon kitten. Our skilled team is always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about treatment, training, and health maintenance.

From nutrition suggestions to behavior advice, we're committed to assisting you in creating a happy and meaningful life with your new feline friend. You may be confident that MasterCoons will provide you with the assistance you require during and after your Maine Coon adoption adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maine Coon Kittens for Sale in Alameda, California

Maine Coon Kittens

How can I ensure your online Maine Coon cattery in Alameda is reputable?

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and integrity. As a registered cattery with The International Cat Association (TICA) and certified by the World Felinology Organization (WFO), we adhere to strict guidelines to guarantee the authenticity and welfare of our Maine Coon kittens.

Do you provide assurances for Maine Coon kittens adopted online in Alameda?

At MasterCoons Cattery in , we offer comprehensive guarantees for all Maine Coon kittens adopted online. Our commitment to the well-being of our kittens is reflected in our health guarantee, ensuring their health and genetic soundness. Additionally, each kitten comes with a 10-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in your adoption decision.

What sets your online cattery apart in Alameda?

MasterCoons Cattery distinguishes itself in through our unwavering dedication to excellence in breeding and care. With TICA certification and WFO registration, we're recognized as a reputable and trusted source for Maine Coon kittens. Our commitment to transparency is evident in the comprehensive health records and warranties we provide, ensuring that you can adopt them with confidence.

Are Maine Coon kittens from your cattery equipped with microchips in Alameda?

Yes, for added security and peace of mind, all Maine Coon kittens from MasterCoons Cattery in are equipped with microchips. Microchipping Maine Coon provides a permanent means of identification, ensuring that your beloved feline companion can be easily reunited if they are lost or separated.